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Monday, November 8, 2010

Why is life so messy

Well yesterday (Sunday) was another day of fine dry and very blowy weather
My granny in Belfast would've been turning in her grave
'cose I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass me by 
I stripped the bed and the bathroom and put a load of washing on the line

photos enlarge with a click - if you dare

We went over to babysit a grandaughter later in the day
A long time ago this particular daughter happened to answer my question about why her house was always tidy with
'When I was young we lived with a messy house and I vowed mine would never be that way'
I thought to myself - Oh the thoughts of the young and recently left home
wait till theres a family lol

Anyway once again I marvelled at how clean and tidy my daughter's house was
Both she and her dh work full time and have pursuits as well yet it never seems to have a thing out of place
You could call in anytime and it would be the same
Now don't get me wrong
Sometimes it almosts seems bare - but then each to his own

They had a late night so we didn't got home till well after midnight and went to bed almost immediately

This morning I walked into the sitting room and this is what I saw
Thats the chair where I spend a lot of time
and there is stuff all round it!
As well as the 'crafty' stuff theres 2 pairs of trousers
that need stitching
and the jacket I took with me last night
Talk about lazy
I could have hung that up when I went into the bedroom
but chose to toss it on the chair when we walked in the door

and this is the couch - covered in most of yesterday's washing:(

Yes, its sorted ready for ironing or just putting away but its there all over the place and very obvious
The vacuum is there 'cose I was going to whizz round some time yesterday
never got round to it and left it there to remind me to do it 
Oh dear she really is telling the truth
My life really is messy sometimes lol

Does anyone else suffer from this problem??


  1. I am a stacker. I make little stacks of those things I want or need to get done. Then I forget or lose them in the stack and have to search and restack ....... I have trouble ridding myself of "things", afraid I may "need" them in the future. Oh, well.

  2. I am a relatively tidy person and I said the same thing to my Mum,lol. My 2 sisters take after Mum though :-)

  3. Oh, yes.

    I most definitely suffer from this problem. Flat surfaces not matter their intended use just attract piles in this house. This of course wouldn't be a problem except for the fact it often takes 6 months for me to get sick enough of any given surface being cluttered to direct my focus at it.

    Kind Regards

  4. I can not tell a lie...my house stays messed up. All my life I had a clean house, you could eat off the floor if you wanted! But, not any more. I think as I get older it matters less and less.

  5. I'm so tidy that after I put things away I can't remember where I put them...(lol) Actually Cathy, my place is extremely untidy, more so than yours. It's almost 'killing' me to have our home ready for inspection at a moments notice. I made the puddings for Christmas 3 days ago and the cooking pot is still on the kitchen bench.


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