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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday November 2

Today was a public holiday
For a horse race lol
Yes, today was the First Tuesday in November
which means the Melbourne Cup was run at Flemington Racecourse

Yesterday we were told the past October
had been the wettest October for 35 years

It poured over the weekend - really drenching torrential rain
caused flooding all over the place
and looking out the front door this morning
it looked like it was going to rain
for the best part of today as well

I certainly didn't envy all those ladies
who were going to dress up in their finery
complete with fantabulous hats 
and spend the day at Flemington

So after realising I couldn't potter round the garden as planned
I turned to the tv for entertainment
Here you can see the silly hats
were being worn really early in the day

Even the tv presenters were dressed in posh frocks
complete with tizzy hats

Heres Kerri- Anne

and Fifi

and heres Johanna

It was so chilly we had the heating on most of the day
I sat and sewed
and yes
watched the days events from the comfort of my chair

Coming into the straight for the last time

The order had changed by the time they reached the winning post
First - Americain
Second - Maluckyday
The favourite - So You Think - came in third
which was a shame as Bart Cummings the trainer
was hoping for his 13th cup win

The rain did come down for the best part of the day
The sun made an appearance late in the afternoon
Too late to garden then
but never mind
theres always tomorrow

Hey - that would be a good name for a race horse lol


  1. Today there are horse races of a different kind here in the US. Elections are happening as I type. Very important elections.

    Great images. It appears you had great fun!

  2. Yes Cathy, we are facing races of a different kind -- political races. It sounds like you could just send us your Prime Minister and he could solve all our problems:)

  3. I love the view out your front door. You are so blessed to be able to have a flair for gardening.
    I've never been to a horse race. Really it is a national holiday for your country?

    Have a blessed and wonderful day today.

  4. I love how you shared your day with us, great pictures from the tv, I felt like I was there.
    ......:-) hugs

  5. Oh my, I noticed how muddy the jockeys were after the race, that race that stops two nations every year. I can't remember a wet Melbourne Cup day before, but I'm so pleased Victoria is getting rain.


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