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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shopping for Kiera and a look round the neighbourhood

Kiera was the centre of attention the other day.  Moulting time has started and even tho she is a short haired Burmese cat she loses great quantities of hair at this time of the year.  Cat hair all over the indoor furniture as well as the outdoor stuff she sleeps on isn't a good look and means you have to have a good look before sitting down so for her that means more grooming this season than during the winter

As she's been pottering around the garden a lot recently I give her a good brush and comb which luckily for me isnt a problem - she comes running when she seee the brush and almost flings herself down in front of me - and I'd far rather the fur be on a comb or brush than elsewhere - it also gives me a chance to make sure she doesn't have any little 'friends' lving there either  

BTW This wasn't a plant shot - the brush and comb were on the table before she lay down.  Ignore the 'friend' coming up the steps - he's one of the magpies who think its my role to feed him lol  

So when I popped down to the pet shop in Montrose for her fresh meat supplies and saw this very useful bench outside the hall and also for the first time in a long time had my camera in the bag you know what I had to do lol. 
Painted green to match the door, window frame and railings it's at the top of a slight rise in the footpath and I'm sure is used on a hot day to grab a little shade from the tree next door 

Then later in the day I had to go to the Vet clinic to pick up flea control supplies for her - can never be too careful.   Honestly I'm getting a bit forgetful these days I didn't even think about doing both errand whilst I was out ealier

It was such a beautiful day to be out - full of  blue skies and sunshine

Zoomed through the streets and came out here.  Its a T junction which meant I had to cross the road to go up the hill so I had a quick glance right, then looked left thinking its so sunny I can see the hills in the distance
Then right again up the hill
Then left again to make sure all was well and I could move across the road.  Nothing there except all those lovely shadows on the ground.  This particular road (Mount Dandenong Road) is tree lined all the way down to Montrose  a couple of kilometres up the road
That's the Vet's clinic on the corner across the road.  Its such a lovely sight seeing the hills and the TV masts in the distance especially on a day like this with the blue skies and little cloud
When the clinc was renovated they had a mural representing the area painted on the back wall.  As well as catching your eye - good advertising - it also takes the bareness of the brick wall 
If you stand in the same spot and look down the road this is what you see - Another tree lined street lol
This is Liverpool Road and is one of the ways we take to get to Boronia

Those are two very well placed benches believe it or not 'cose if you are walking up Liverpool Road you discover that what looks like a 'level' road is nothing of the sort as it has a definite incline lol

Home after that to a nice drink of tea - very refreshing.  You know we travel the world and love what we see but sometimes we forget what's there right under our noses lol

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  1. I envy you with a short-haired cat, Cody has long hair and it gets everywhere, plus it gets knots as well, we still love him though.

  2. I am simply in love with that cat, can't resist a cat!

  3. Your cat is beautiful. In my past life..before breathing problems I had two siamese that I loved. They moved on due to breathing issues. Now that that is behind me I look to see what's locally available because I would love another pair.

  4. Your cat looks so cuddlsome and adorable. How nice that she knows the joys of brushing. I have finally convinced my westie that brushing is good for him. My trick has been to give him treats when he is done being groomed. So now he obediently sits by me and tolerates the brush as long as I don't comment too much on his being so handsome.
    Thank you for sharing your world today.
    Blessings to you.

  5. Hi Belle foto piene di verde !
    Mi piace il tuo gatto rilassato :)))
    Buona giornata.

  6. So true … there is nothing better than home, our pets and the environment all around us. You gave a very nice sense of your area with this series of photographs. Tea is such a perfect way to end a busy day. :)


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