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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sad times

It is a sad time in New Zealand at the moment
The devastating news from Greymouth yesterday of a second explosion in the Pike River mine
took most of their population by surprise
29 lives have been lost

Australia and New Zealand are not far from each other
There's just a small amount of water that separates us
The Tasman Sea
lovingly called
The Ditch

The Tasman Sea has for many years been referred to as "The Ditch" by Australians and New Zealanders. The exact etymology for this term is uncertain, however when traveling between Australia and New Zealand, it is commonly referred to as "crossing the ditch".

There is a rivalry between us
especially in sport
that is completly different to any between us and other countries 

No matter how much emphasis is put on safety there are times when mines and disasters seem to go hand
Many Australians (especially mine workers) will be thinking of their lost 'brothers' and their families
We hope that others around the world do so as well

These photos show a memorial statue 
that was placed outside the United Mine-workers Club
in Collinsville Qld
to honour miners who had lost their lives in pit accidents 

I love the acknowledgement of the pit ponies


  1. Sad times, indeed, sending prayers for the families of these men.

  2. Oh, yes, so very sad. Our prayers are for those families and all the people who love them.

  3. Our wonderful Cousin Mine Experts from Australia arrived so very quickly after the first explosion on Friday. All is NZ was so grateful for their help.

    The news of yesterday's second, larger explosion has been devastating - and still your country offers help along with sympathy and care.

    This is such a very special relationship between nations, one I am profoundly grateful for,

    sending care and huggles (with Zebby Cat snores), Michelle xxx

  4. I am struggling again to post a comment on your site......

    anyhow, it was such sad news, that was broadcast even in Canada. Mining is a dangerous occupation even in this day and age.

    Gill in Canada


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