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Friday, November 5, 2010

Moving on

Thank you so much for all your comments, emails and calls
when I wrote about my Dh's friend in Calgary

Ann heard this week there is a bed for him in a hospice close to home
so he will have moved there yesterday

These benches caught my eye on one of the days we visited
Near a pick up area - very long in length
giving an idea of all the visitors or patients
waiting for a lift home
I saw this bench another day
Newish looking - plain and functional
I suppose you don't want anything fancy when your mind is on other things

It was close to the bus stop that Ann uses
and with the hospital in the background
She did tell me she had used it a couple of time whilst waiting for the bus  
So each time we walked past it I called it Ann's Bench

The Tom Baker Cancer Centre in the background of this picture

Think of Gorton and Ann please
as they enter this even more stressful time in their lives


  1. Such an ordeal for your friends and others who face the same. I will add Gorton and Ann to my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Hi Cathy,

    Ah, more places to rest. Yes, benches are great places to wait, to think, to read, to dream.

    I hope your friend does as well as possible.


  3. My heart is with them. Their journey brings back for me those days 2 years ago when I sat helpless by my sister's bedside. Cancer is a horrow that I wish no family had to go through, but with hospice helping she died at home where she wanted to be. My prayers are with them both.

  4. This morning, as I catch up on all my friends in the land of blog, I am reminded over and over to count my blessings.

  5. My DIL lost her mother to cancer, hospice provided such good care in her home...I wish the same for your husband's friend, Cathy.


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