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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Letter B

You wouldn't think that such a small piece of handwork could cause so much grief
This is it as it was on Saturday morning 
and here again on Monday morning
I finally got the sides to join together in proper fashion
Its a Danico alphabet letter 
I sewed some of these when they first came out in 1987
I wanted a small gift to send to Bonnie - my friend in Nova Scotia - and thought of this
Hunted out the pattern, found it in a folder where they were stored 
along with all those other paper graphs/patterns from kits I did years ago
and didn't throw out 'cose I thought I might do them again
  Copied it and sorted out colours.
Then started stitiching.

Theres not a lot of actual stitching but for people like me who need magnifiers to help see where to put the needle
there is an awful lot of or there seems to be a lot of counting
Making sure it all lines up 

I suppose taking it to do on the plane wasn't a good idea
Too many distractions as well as having to leave threads hanging to be cut off later
No scissors allowed so I cut my threads to be used short before we left home but I still got in a muddle

I couldn't do any whilst we were together in Newfoundland 
so it stayed in a bag till we got home
and began again 

Saturdays picture was taken after I'd frogged a section of the outline
Was I mad when it didn't fit together
Resorted to checking the graph and marking off stitched squares till I found the wrong line
Now it looks much better and I can get stitching the flowers  on the right hand side

Will frame it and send it to her as a Christmas gift
Hopefully it will be finished in time lol


  1. Kudos to you Cathy...! I would never have the patience! It is very beautiful!


  2. Hi Cathy

    Thank you for my welcome back - that stitchery is gorgeous your friend will love it and you will always remember just how much trouble you went to to show your love for her.

  3. Oh, and it is so very pretty. What a wonderful gift!

  4. 'B' for Beautiful! What a nice gift. I'm sure she will love it.

  5. B for Beautiful! I couldn't begin to do it.


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