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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Its been a lovely day today

It's a lovely day today
So whatever you've got to do
You've got a lovely day to do it in, that's true

It's A Lovely Day Today
Written by Irving Berlin
for the musical Call Me Madam

Such a beautiful morning it was today (Thursday)
Sunny and Dry
so after hanging the washing out
for the first time in goodness knows how long
I found all the gardening tools and did the rounds

Had to tidy up the Azaleas
all the blooms hade faded or like this late blooming one
were starting to die off
The Forget-me-nots were past their best so I trimmed the tops
have enough around the place so trimmed the tops to stop the self seeding 
and swept the path of all the clippings plus the dropped Camelia flowers
Admired the flowers on the Cuban Lilies  (Scilla peruviana)
I planted these for the first time this year
A gift from a friend who was dividing hers  
Deadheaded a few roses
and noticed the lavender round the washing line
was flowering again
Before we went away it had grown to more than a metre high
so I gave it a really good hair cut as in almost to ground level
The huge amount of rain this winter has done it good
and the bushy stalks are growing longer each day
I found these very very late bluebells flowering  
when we got home from our trip early last month
For a few years I thought they'd gone for good
so once again the rain has been a help

But today this is what is saw close by
Don't they look pretty - so white and vir'ginal looking
Beware though
This really nice snowdrop looking bulb is a WEED

so called because it has an onion like smell
Don't believe all the spiel aboout sprays killing it

It thrives in damp soil (remember all the rain we've had)
and spreads like wildfire from tiny bulblets left beneath the ground
It can cover an area really quickly
Leave one there one year - next year there will be hundreds

So my 'happy' day turned into a not so happy day

The late Kevin Heinz once said
the only way to get rid of Onion Weed was to move house
or buy a bag of cement

Reckon I'm off to the big green shed
aka Bunn'ings
to buy a bag of cement mix lol

To see more beautiful and unusual flowers from around the world


  1. What a beautiful garden! And, I just love the smell of laundry dried outside.

  2. Hello Cathy!! It has been awhile since I visited your blog--You've been busy!! But I've so enjoyed my visit and seeing your lovely flowers!! How are your cats doing?? I do hope you are doing well, and I look forward to my next visit! Take care!!!

  3. Love the tour of your garden and I just just see the laundry flapping gently in the breeze!

  4. Your garden is lovely Cathy....I have to remind myself that it is Spring down under.
    Enjoy the fresh air.......:-) Hugs

  5. Gorgeous blooms you have.

    My Flower post. Have a great week ahead!

  6. what gorgeous flowers! even the weed.:p


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