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Monday, November 15, 2010

Going somewhere - need a hand

Cruising to Alaska is often up the Inland Passage
At some part along that body of water stretching the coast of British Columbia and Alaska
it's necessary to have a Marine Pilot onboard to assist with the navigation of the ship

I never noticed their arrival the first cruise we took but this last time - in August - we happened to be looking out the window in the Lido and noticed this boat approaching quite quickly 

All pictures can be enlarged
click and then click again

It sailed alongside for a while
keeping pace then dropping back a bit
I think at one time it went round to the other side of the ship

Then Dh pointed out that some people had come out onto the deck
They stood there quite nonchalantly holding on to the rail
There were two other people there as well who were crouching down

Then I noticed two of them had moved up the deck
Here one seems to have positioned him/herself in a certain spot
Then the little (compared to the cruise ship) boat moved right in alongside 
(You can just see the two people down in the left corner of the little boat)
It turned inwards for a while at an angle
Then turned outwards and moved off minus one and possibly both of the people in the coloured overalls

It then moved on off into the middle of the waterway and sped away back to shore
Obviously our helping hand had arrived lol

I wonder if a GPS system would have been any use lol 

Now I didn't really notice it at the time because we were moving (not very fast I will admit) and I was concentrating on what was going on and wondering if the little boat was going to be swallowed up in the waves but looking at these photos the other day I could swear the two other people on the deck had things in the hands.
Not going to say what but maybe they just can't be too careful in this day and age
Enlarge the photos and have look see and tell me if you think the same thing

This is my Watery Wednesday post
To see more water from around the world


  1. How interesting to watch the guide boat! I would be a little nervous with a job like that, but they know what they are doing!

    Good Post!

  2. Hi Cathy,

    We live at sea more than half of the year. Yes, the pilot boats arrive in almost every port. The Captain retains command of the ship; the pilot is only there to offer advice and drink coffee. ;) The only place this is not true and the pilot takes command of the ship is in the Panama Canal. I happen to have images of a pilot boat on my blog today, too, as we were arriving in St. Thomas.


  3. At least they weren't Somalia pirates wanting to take over the boat.

  4. That was a very interesting post Cathy! On a side note: I live on Vancouver Island so I see those Alaskan cruise ships all the time go up and down our coast. Perhaps I will take that cruise one day!


  5. Very interesting. I noticed them/it the third time I went on cruise :)

  6. Cool photos, I remember when I was on the cruise to Alaska. We had a naturalist from the Glacier Bay National park board our ship. They came aboard to answer questions about the Glacier Bay and the park.

  7. Awesome series of photos! It looks a lot scary when the boat is right along side of the cruise ship. Alaska is about the only place I would want to take a cruise ship to visit. The scenery is breathtaking!


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