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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Food for thought

We had chicken for dinner last night
Lightly fried chicken breasts along with a garden salad
(sorry no pics - I always forget to take them when I actually cook)
Not very adventurous I know
but there are a few kilos that have to be removed
from my body
My luggage may not have been overweight coming home
but my body was :(

As I was standing there watching the pan
I laughed when I remembered the last time I saw chicken being eaten

It wasn't very long ago - in Deer Lake, Newfoundland 
We were out for a quick meal and one of the friends at our table ordered this
A dish of hot chips (fries)
accompanied with gravy
 - shredded chicken -
seasoning (dressing)  
- topped with cheese -

Seemingly a big thing over there
Not a good looking dish - yet she wolfed it down!

 I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole
'cose I only like vinegar on my chips lol

Are there any weird and wonderful dishes local to you?
Any that you'd admit to eating??


  1. OMG! That is some plateful! Scary! You are right, that doesn't look very good.

    Hmm, weird and wonderful - piece of wheat bread, spread with natural peanut butter and then spread with dark chocolate frosting, place a whole peeled banana on it and eat it like a hot dog! Like eating lunch and dessert at the same time!

  2. My daughter would have liked that chicken dish. I'm sure we all have "unusual" dishes that we think is quite "usual" until someone else sees us eating them! ;)

    We had chicken last night, but very differently prepared. I had an extra roast chicken that hadn't been eaten the night before. I removed the bones, cubed, then made chicken salad with it: mayo (yes, not very healthy, but sure is good), onions, celery salt, black pepper, and Craisins. The Craisins are cranberries dried as raisins are dried. I made sandwiches with it on my home made bread. That's all pretty normal here, but I've had people question the Craisins. :)

  3. I grew up eating grits and eggs for breakfast. The eggs are over easy and then mixed together with the grits. I never thought about the appearance until we moved north and people there had never eaten such and thought it looked as if it had already been eaten!! Now I am hungry .....

  4. Wow, what a huge plate of food but it's the same over here. One of the reasons we cut down on our eating out is that we are trying to watch what we eat more and lose our own extra pounds, but it's so much fun for the occasional treat. Anyway, eating out is all part of the holiday fun and then we get home and get back to normal. I like my malt vinegar on chips too, even after all these years of being away from the UK. I do love going to the Firehouse Restaurant and ordering their steak and cheese sub. Good job we don't go there that often too, because they are delicious but a lot better in portion control than other places we've been to. Have a great weekend Cathy.

  5. I see the meal was even topped with a bit of ketchup or hot sauce too!

  6. well Cathy I hate to admit this.... but I do have this weakness for pickles smothered in mayo... !

  7. That doesn't look very appetising to me. I don't mind a piece of fruit cake (the very fruity Christmas type) accompanied with a piece of blue vein cheese, delicious.


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