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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Did I cry?

Is it spilt milk you're supposed to cry over - or is it not to cry over

Anyway after accidently dropping the last 4 eggs on the floor
I wondered what we would have for lunch the other day

So instead of the poached ones on toast along with a bit of salad
it turned out to be cheese on toast along with a bit of salad

Still annoyed at losing my beautiful free range eggs tho'

Maybe I should go over to Angie's place
its about a 2 hour drive away


  1. Dogs just love raw eggs (they don't get sick from raw chicken products) and eggs help keep their coats shiny. My doggies would be happy to clean them up for you. ;)

  2. Cheese on toast makes a nice lunch!
    But I do agree about the eggs :-(

  3. Hate it when that happens, I've been known to break the eggs into the compost bucket and then toss the shell into whatever I'm mixing up.

  4. You should never encourage dogs to eat raw eggs. Once they get the taste they turn into little egg thieves. The minute our Slim tasted her first egg I started placing eggs around that weere stuffed with a hot pepper and pepper sauce mix. She only had to bite into one of those and she was off eggs forever. She will even pick and egg up very gently and carry it to me without cracking it a tiny bit. I don't like to lose one single egg that my girls have worked so hard to give us.

  5. it's always the way, drop them when you don't have many....

    Gill in Canada


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