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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blowing in the wind

Do you remember the load of washing I did last Sunday
It was a very windy day so I stripped the bed and washed all the linen
As well as the blankets - I did the bedspread and mattress protector
The pillows went out to air as well - nothing like a day in the breeze to freshen them up
Sometimes I'll vacuum the bed - top and sides
but it didn't get done this time

I try to do this on a regular basis - its just finding the right day to do it

We have a manufacturing company here in Australia that deals in bedding
Doona/Duvets - Pillows - Mattress Protectors
Its a company most Australians respect
but they have come up with an idea that to me just seems like a market ploy
It goes like this
Their pillows now have a date stamp on them
Seems our pillows are full of lots of wriggly things that much away at our dead skin flakes
and we need to renew our pillows every 2 years
You can read all the information on these sites


For a while when our kids were young I used to wash their pillows but ended up with funny shapes
later discovered if you drip dry them making sure they are thoroughly dry you get a nice clean fresh pillow
Mid summer seems to be the best time to do that

As well as the cover on the pillow mine are put inside pillow protectors
and then have a pillow case on top of that

I think I'll take my chances by hanging mine out to air regularly
My latex ones cost $80 each and I can't find that every two years

Just curious as to whether this is taking place in any other country?


  1. $80 for a pillow? Yikes! Right now we are being constantly warned of bed bugs. It seems they are on the rise in hotels and motels across the nation and we are bringing them home. Watching those frightening videos makes you want to put all your bedding in a pile outside and set them on fire.

  2. I've heard about changing out old pillows every couple of years, but I didn't hear it from any manufacturing company. I replace my pillows now and then. I live in a town home that doesn not allow laundry hanging outside. I don't like that rule - but there isn't much I can do about it. I loved coming to your blog just to see the wash outside!

  3. Our Mfg suggested 3 years was long enough, we got one pillow with the mattress but had to pay something like $130 for another. I use pillow protectors, so 3 years will have to do, unless they fall apart before the time is up, LOL!

  4. Wow, you need a Sam's Club over there for pillows and probably a lot more things. The pillows are from under $10 and up. Even the less expensive ones are quite nice and you can get them in different "firmness" and size. There are plenty of other places to buy bedding and other things reasonably, too.

    When I feel like freshening them, I put our pillows, two at a time, in the washer and air dry them either out of the dryer or in the electric dryer with it set only on "air dry." Our washing machines are quite large (as compared to those we had in Europe) so there is no problem fitting them in for a wash. I set the machine on a gentle wash and two rinses and they come out very, very nice.

  5. When I was a child we had feather pillows and my mom would do much what you are doing, but instead of washing them she simply "sunned" them. I no longer have feather pillows and like you, don't want to spend big money on new pillows that often. I wash and sun my bedding, too. I haven't found any bedbugs and I have searched for them since all the media coverage .....

  6. Not as far as I know over here! Mind you if I'd hung out any washing today, I could have held onto it and been blown all the way round to see you in person! Mighty windy!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  7. yep sounds like a marketing ploy to me too. And the scare tactics! Like you I was and sun my pillows and that seems to do the trick. I cant believe that towns have banned outside laundry! I would definately be writing letters to everyone on that point. Unless they want to pay your power bills!! In fact I would send them the power bill and ask for a discount from their pockets and see how that goes down.

  8. When I saw that on tv I thought it was a marketing ploy, a way to ensure that every 2 years we buy off them. I do the same as you Cathy, pillow protectors (which get washed frequently) and then airing in the sun, sometimes I wash them but they get lumpy, must try the drip dry method one of those really hot days that are coming up soon.

  9. Hi Cathy,
    I just left you a comment underneath your comment on my blog, but then I thought not everbody ticks the box to get the follow up comments. Got me thinking cause I don't do that everytime but I think I will more. I usually try to reply to comments left via my comments section.
    Anyway I'm with you. I use pillow protectors then a pillowcase which I wash both regulary. The pillows I never wash and as most of them are expensive goose down I would n't anyway. Most of my pillows are 4-5yrs old now ans are perfectly fine without a mark on them. However I do hang them in the sun for a day every month along with doonas etc. When the kids were little I did this with their soft toys too nothing like a hot sunny day. Personaly I think people need to worry more about house dust mites than bed bugs. Good post Cathy I think it provided fuel for thought.


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