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Sunday, November 21, 2010

All I want for Christmas

While we were away there was a lighthearted moment the last time
we saw our travelling companions Laurie and Bonnie
Because they were upset we wouldn't be there
in Nova Scotia for Christmas
Laurie treated my dear one
to something every good Grandad should have
A Santa Hat lol

My dear one just laughed at the time and said he felt like a dork
Anyway today he put some junk mail in front of me
and asked if he could have one.
It didn't make any sense until I saw what it was he was talking about.

Could I have one to go with my hat?
Don't worry about the underwear I'll just have whats inside it!!

Honestly Men
Sometimes you can't live with them - but I bet lifes not half as funny without them:)


  1. I think all men would like one of those for Christmas Cathy, I know mine would. (lol)

  2. Tell him he could have her if she would have him.
    And no alcohol would be allowed! haha


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