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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Time for a laugh

Life is a bit grim at the moment - a call from our friend in Calgary yesterday confirmed what we'd had a 'feeling about'.  Not taking anything away from the memory of a dear friend I feel I need something to cheer me up so I thought I'd share some blonde jokes from our inbox which I know full well Gorton would have laughed at.

The blondes and the tracks
Three blondes were walking through the forest when they came upon a set of tracks.
The first blonde said,"Those are deer tracks.
The second blonde said, No, those are elk tracks.
The third blonde said, You're both wrong, those are moose tracks.
The blondes were still arguing when the train hit them.

The blonde and the pizza
This blonde went to the pizza place and ordered a pizza. The pizza guy asked her if she wanted it cut into six pieces or twelve.

Oh, six, she said. I could never eat twelve pieces!!

The blonde and the scarf
Did you hear about the blonde who returned a scarf to the store because it was too tight?

The blonde driver and the blonde cop

A blonde cop stops a blonde driver and asks for identification.
The blonde driver looks all around in her purse and can’t find her license.
I must have left it at home, officer.
Well, do you have any kind of identification on you? asks the cop.
The blonde takes out a pocket mirror and says, I do have this picture of me
Let me see it, says the cop.
She holds up the mirror and looks in it.
Then she says, Sorry. If I had known you were a police officer, I wouldn’t have stopped you.

There are a whole swag of them sitting there ready to be passed on but I think four is enough for today.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Theres nothing like a trip to the hairdressers

Quite a few people showed an interest in Kiera the other day
which made me think you'd like to see some more of her antics
on the day recently when I gave her a brush and comb

These are the days when all the gloom and doom seems to lift right off her shoulders 
and you can see here whole attitude change in front of my eyes 
Just like ours when we have a trip to the hairdressers lol

So it started like this

Well come on then
I'd like you start with my head
it needs a good scratch

My furs a bit broken on my back
could you look into my diet please
I'm not sure if that cheaper brand of dry food is doing it or not
Maybe you could go back to that 'good' stuff you get from the vet
and see if it makes any difference - Please:))
(Sounds like me reassessing the shampoo I use lol)

Why did you stop - I was enjoying that
Think I'll have a little snooze in the sunshine
I feel quite relaxed
you can carry on without me 
What all done - that was quick
Oh don't I look beautiful
I love this - it makes me feel good
And look at those ears
all photos will enlarge
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Grey skies are going to clear up

Well thats what Captain Werner Timmers said
last August on the day we cruised into Glacier Bay Alaska

I'll leave you to decide :)

Early in the morning looking a bit ho-hum
A couple of hours later
yes - theres some blue sky there
Didn't last for long tho'
Here we are later in the evening
with the sun going down behind some very low cloud
these photos will enlarge
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sad times

It is a sad time in New Zealand at the moment
The devastating news from Greymouth yesterday of a second explosion in the Pike River mine
took most of their population by surprise
29 lives have been lost

Australia and New Zealand are not far from each other
There's just a small amount of water that separates us
The Tasman Sea
lovingly called
The Ditch

The Tasman Sea has for many years been referred to as "The Ditch" by Australians and New Zealanders. The exact etymology for this term is uncertain, however when traveling between Australia and New Zealand, it is commonly referred to as "crossing the ditch".

There is a rivalry between us
especially in sport
that is completly different to any between us and other countries 

No matter how much emphasis is put on safety there are times when mines and disasters seem to go hand
Many Australians (especially mine workers) will be thinking of their lost 'brothers' and their families
We hope that others around the world do so as well

These photos show a memorial statue 
that was placed outside the United Mine-workers Club
in Collinsville Qld
to honour miners who had lost their lives in pit accidents 

I love the acknowledgement of the pit ponies

Watch Out For This Scam

This came in an email today
I felt you needed to see it

Police Warning

Watch Out For This Scam

Police say that the gang usually is comprised of four members,
one adult and three younger ones.

While the three younger ones,
all appearing sweet and innocent,
divert their 'mark' (or intended target) with a show of friendliness,
the fourth – the eldest -- sneaks in from behind the person's back
to expertly rifle through his or her pockets and purses or bags
for any valuables being carried.

The picture below shows the gang in operation.

Good one eh?  LOL

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We're home - whats for tea??

I'm wondering if theres ever been a time
when you've gone out really early
and taken the train or the bus to the city 
leaving the car in a half full station car park
After the journey home later that day
you've got off at your station along with loads of other people 
 wandered over to the car park
and stared 'cose it was completly full
of commuter's cars that had arrived after you left
on your journey much early that morning 

I have 
and I have also been known to stand there
and wonder where my car was lol 

That little scenario is what I immediately thought of
when I saw these photos in one of the trip folders

The day we we were in Skagway  
we and loads of other cruise ship passengers
had had a fabulous train trip
on the White Pass and Yukon Railway
arriving back 'home' late in the afternoon

This shows some of us who had stayed in town for a while
wandering back to the ship
looking forward to a nice cup of tea and
wondering what was on the menu for dinner that evening

When we got to the end of the train this is what we saw
A dock full of cruise ships lol

Four of them to be exact -
I had to use the wide angle to get them all in lol
I overheard a lady ask her very tired and very irritable husband
(I'm assuming that's who he was)
Which one's ours honey?
How the h... would I know, he said
After a while they all look the same!!

Luckily I knew which was mine and where it was parked lol

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sink or Swim - Lifeboat drill

Now some of you know at times I'm a real scardey cat
As much as I put on brave face - especially when flying
I have been known to worry about things going wrong

Lets just say when I get onto a boat/ship the first thng I check
is where the lifejackets are and also where the lifeboats are

So off we go to Alaska in August on the Zuiderdam
and on my first venture round the deck
I spot this little number

Not going to get many in there is my first thought
Don't be daft my dear one says
look at your room card
Boat number 2 is ours

So off we go to lifeboat muster -without lifejackets this sailing
Rules have changed for this drill because theres nothing worse
(or dangerous)
than trying to make your way up and down
the inside stairs and passageways
(unless its a real emergency lol)
complete with a bulky lifejacket

So we make our way to Station Number 2
Not that one says Dh - it says 4

So are you telling me that we are down further
in that little tiddly one I saw earlier
Surely that can't be ours :(

Oh, we came from the other direction
and the number is painted on that big one up above
At the end facing the station number
Relief after all :))

The day we arrive in Skagway and are getting ready to go ashore
I notice some movement along the line of lifeboats
down below our deck
The lifeboats are starting to be lowered off the side of the ship
Love that relection on the verandah panels
Right on down to the water they go.

Oh goody - they have roofs
I wont get wet if we have to use them

Hush Catherine - those thoughts are not necessary lol
My dear one stayed in the room longer and saw them reach the water
It was good to know the crew does practise their lifeboat drill
Now I've told you that a short while after that
we took the Marine Atlantic ferry Joseph and Sarah Smallwood 
from North Sydney, Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland

Can you imagine
my surprise - joy - feelings
 when I saw the size of 'this' lifeboat lol

This is my post for Watery Wednesday
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Bloggers done it again

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Sink or Swim - Lifeboat Drill

Hope to see you there


Monday, November 22, 2010


A friend mentioned to me the other day about feeling old because she had checked her calendar to see when her next visit to the podiatrist was.

'Only old people do that' she said

I laughed because I'd not long been to see mine and remembered how good it felt as I walked out of the rooms.  I don't always wear shoes at home or any covering on my feet for that matter.  I go barefoot almost all the time - until winter when its knitted slippers for me.  Of course this means I do untold damage to the soles of my feet.  I've never had 'nice' feet - and because I hate wearing shoes I have been known to stub my toes or get them cut in some or another quite frequently.  So you will always find a bandaid or two in my bags.

I began to get corns - ok too much information - and changing shoes didn't seem to help so its only in the last few years I've actually been to the Podiatrist (physician of the foot) or Chiropodist as they used to be called.  Now I have regular appointments and yes, I actually look forward to them.

We begin with the little chat and the initial examination of my feet and then out comes the cleansing swabs and the little instuments and away we go.  What I really do like is the little electric sanding tool - well thats what it reminds me of - my man Bill starts it up after all the dead skin has been trimmed off the heels and the balls of my feet and just gently smoothes out all the rough edges.  

Toenails get clipped and the whole of the foot creamed - I've never been one for manicures and there are some things (places) I can't get to - little toes just don't bend or come apart far enough for me to get the clippers working and my toe nails are becoming so thick I can't even clip the ones I can get to.  Yes I know more of the too much info lol  But theres nothing like that feeling of walking from his rooms with nicely creamed soft feet - almost like walking on air lol 

Actually its feet that took me to the Chiropractor the other day - or rather because of my feet and what I put on them gave me a reason to be there.  Pottering around the garden a couple of weeks ago I fell or rather I tripped over something that I should have put away - well actually if I'd been wearing proper shoes I probably wouldn't have tripped over it in the first place.  I had on a really old comfy pair of sheepskin slip on mule type things which have seen better days and need to gripped sometimes so they stay on my feet.  
Just like these lol
Well I tripped near the clotheline - the mules slipped sideways - I tumbled head first through one of the lavender bushes to begin with but not wanting to fall on my arms (broken arms are not good) I sort of fell sideways onto a shoulder.  Picked myself up and thought no more about it - till a couple of days later when I had restricted movement - oh it'll get better with time says I. 

Well it was sort of - getting better that is - still a bit painful but the range of movements 'was' improving.  Then I decided to shift some small paving stones - bad move.  Not only did I have a sore shoulder and arm but I now had a sore back.  So I went to see my lovely Deb who set to with her funny little clicky gadget properly named an activator  http://www.transformativechiropractic.com/techniques.php?tid=5   and she put me right. 

Somehow I think it might be time to put those comfy things in the bin this week lol.

You know I have been known to wear 'proper' shoes even ones with really high heels - like this time, at our youngest daughter's wedding. This was taken 21 years ago and all those sweet young things have children of their own now. 

Oh those were the days -
After lots of ups and downs
life is mostly sweet for them all lol
Just one thing I do know and that is I can't get my feet into those shoes anymore.
They are still in the cupboard and I tried the other day but my feet seem to have spread a bit.
Guess I must be getting old - thats what happens to old ladies I believe.
Now I wonder when my next visit to Bill is lol

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Who can answer my question

The day before we took the ferry to Newfoundland
we had a meal in a pub
right next to the ferry terminal in North Sydney
Called Rollies Wharf - it was a fun place
Food was good but what was even better was the session that took place as the night went on

I wont say much today - I'll leave that for another day
Today I need an answer to a question
one I think my some of my North American readers could have the answer to

Outside of Rollies was a plant - sort of like a small bush
Covered in these huge flowers

It looked like a Hydrangea to me - the long shape of the flower head reminded me of
'cept it had the wrong shaped leaves
These were not oak leaf shaped but as you can see longer  

When we get to Dh's cousins house she had a similar shrub
'cept much taller and its flowering wasn't as advanced
but look what I did see in hers lol
Not one but two bees lol
I forgot to ask the cousin the nameof the plant
So who is going to put me out of my misery?

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All I want for Christmas

While we were away there was a lighthearted moment the last time
we saw our travelling companions Laurie and Bonnie
Because they were upset we wouldn't be there
in Nova Scotia for Christmas
Laurie treated my dear one
to something every good Grandad should have
A Santa Hat lol

My dear one just laughed at the time and said he felt like a dork
Anyway today he put some junk mail in front of me
and asked if he could have one.
It didn't make any sense until I saw what it was he was talking about.

Could I have one to go with my hat?
Don't worry about the underwear I'll just have whats inside it!!

Honestly Men
Sometimes you can't live with them - but I bet lifes not half as funny without them:)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shopping for Kiera and a look round the neighbourhood

Kiera was the centre of attention the other day.  Moulting time has started and even tho she is a short haired Burmese cat she loses great quantities of hair at this time of the year.  Cat hair all over the indoor furniture as well as the outdoor stuff she sleeps on isn't a good look and means you have to have a good look before sitting down so for her that means more grooming this season than during the winter

As she's been pottering around the garden a lot recently I give her a good brush and comb which luckily for me isnt a problem - she comes running when she seee the brush and almost flings herself down in front of me - and I'd far rather the fur be on a comb or brush than elsewhere - it also gives me a chance to make sure she doesn't have any little 'friends' lving there either  

BTW This wasn't a plant shot - the brush and comb were on the table before she lay down.  Ignore the 'friend' coming up the steps - he's one of the magpies who think its my role to feed him lol  

So when I popped down to the pet shop in Montrose for her fresh meat supplies and saw this very useful bench outside the hall and also for the first time in a long time had my camera in the bag you know what I had to do lol. 
Painted green to match the door, window frame and railings it's at the top of a slight rise in the footpath and I'm sure is used on a hot day to grab a little shade from the tree next door 

Then later in the day I had to go to the Vet clinic to pick up flea control supplies for her - can never be too careful.   Honestly I'm getting a bit forgetful these days I didn't even think about doing both errand whilst I was out ealier

It was such a beautiful day to be out - full of  blue skies and sunshine

Zoomed through the streets and came out here.  Its a T junction which meant I had to cross the road to go up the hill so I had a quick glance right, then looked left thinking its so sunny I can see the hills in the distance
Then right again up the hill
Then left again to make sure all was well and I could move across the road.  Nothing there except all those lovely shadows on the ground.  This particular road (Mount Dandenong Road) is tree lined all the way down to Montrose  a couple of kilometres up the road
That's the Vet's clinic on the corner across the road.  Its such a lovely sight seeing the hills and the TV masts in the distance especially on a day like this with the blue skies and little cloud
When the clinc was renovated they had a mural representing the area painted on the back wall.  As well as catching your eye - good advertising - it also takes the bareness of the brick wall 
If you stand in the same spot and look down the road this is what you see - Another tree lined street lol
This is Liverpool Road and is one of the ways we take to get to Boronia

Those are two very well placed benches believe it or not 'cose if you are walking up Liverpool Road you discover that what looks like a 'level' road is nothing of the sort as it has a definite incline lol

Home after that to a nice drink of tea - very refreshing.  You know we travel the world and love what we see but sometimes we forget what's there right under our noses lol

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Friday, November 19, 2010

There's a bear in there

You never know what you'll see in a strange country
Not far out of the town of Juneau in Alaska there is a fabulous glacier
Just a short bus ride down the road
No boat or helicopter needed to see this one lol

On the day we were there this is what we also saw
A small black bear who happened to be brown

The ranger is this area said he/she (I didn't hear what gender) was young
and had been seen on its own for a little while
We were on a bridge/walkway close to a small stream 
when we saw the bear
looking for the salmon that pass up through the fish gate

There must be days when dinner can come easily
or not as the case may be lol

Remember they are wild animals the ranger said
Not for cuddling!!

Then his/her head lifted 
Maybe it heard some of the crowd noise even tho' most there were trying to be quiet
and the little bear was off like a shot
Hence the blurred photo
Photos will enlarge
click and then click again

'There's a bear in there'
is the song played at the beginning of Playschool in Australia

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