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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Watery Wednesday

I recently spent a couple of weeks travelling round an island.
An island with a coastline of approximately 9,655 km/5,999miles
so there are many small settlements and fishing villages - called outports
and an awful lot of water 

Twillingate is on the northeast coast of Newfoundland

It was once an important fishing community 
servicing the area for over 200 years
Sadly the fishing industry is in decline
which means some of the wharfs are also in decline

Here are a few photos from that area
click the photos for a better view

To see other waters from around the world


  1. Lovely little villages. The sea and sky always provide great photo shots! :) Very nice.

  2. You have been to some amazing places. Yes my hair is dark, and not so much curly but frizzy. So I love that song. Great photos, look forward to seeing more

  3. Looks you made a lovely trip! You are right: a lot of water:) Thank you for sharing:)

  4. The little village with it surrounding water and small boats is lovely. The docks are interesting and the skies so serene. The first one is especially appealing. What a nice place to visit. Though in Newfoundland, it reminds of some of the little towns in Ireland.

  5. Now I am lonesome for Newfoundland.....I have wonderful friends there......:-) Hugs

  6. It looks like you've been to wonderful places. Great pictures.

  7. The loss of the outports in Newfoundland has been the end of a special unique way of life. Not only was the collapse of fish stocks a cause but earlier the government forced people out of outports into larger communities to make it easier for government to deliver services.

  8. Now that's way up north!
    Oh my goodness, such a shame they're being neglected. Hopefully their business will pick back up. Nevertheless, you've captured some great shots

  9. not often you see photos from that far north. It is good to see even if it is sad it is declining. Everything has to be so big nowadays.

  10. They are lovely villages. Very scenic! Maybe they should open some bed & breakfast type places and draw in some tourists.


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