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Thursday, October 21, 2010

So what worked and what didn’t?

Thanks for all the visitors I've had since coming home and for all your comments. Thanks also for the birthday wishes - I love to hear what you are thinking and how you react to my nattering.   

So here a few 'thinking out loud' moments for you - good job I don't record all my 'tol' moments as you'd be rather surprised at some of them - I certainly don't want be up on a libel case or could it be slander if I say it quietly to myself lol
(slander refers to a malicious, false, and defamatory spoken statement or report, while libel refers to any other form of communication such as written words or images)

Now of all the clothes I took away it was the older more comfortable clothes I put in as 'maybes' that were worn far more often than the newer stuff - why don't I ever learn and NOT go clothes shopping before a holiday.

Once again my red nylon wind and showerproof jacket that scrunches up and fits into a tiny little bag and has been on countless overseas holidays, proved once again to be the best $10 I ever spent. Various layers and the red jacket kept me going (lots warmer than just a top coat) when the 'summery' days we expected turned out to be colder than our miserable winter had been before we left - and that’s saying something lol

We sort of chose the 'wrong' time to do this trip - even tho' it was the 'right' time for us and everbody else.  We saw some quite small Icebergs in Alaska but none at all in Newfoundland.  When we arrived at Elliston we were told the last of the Puffins had flown off the previous week and Moose were not visible at all.  Mind you Hunting Season had just begin so theres no way I'd stick my head up and say Hello if someone was going to take a pot shot at me lol

The following four paragraphs make me think I'm getting old because:-

I forgot the numbers I needed to log into one of our bank accounts.  they rattle off the fingers each morning theres no need to write them down I said before leaving home - how wrong can we be.  Good job I didn't really need to utilise that account as the first time I went to log in my mind was a blank.  Just wanted to check on deposits so finally entered by using Dh's password which luckily he hadn't changed - not a good idea changing it shortly before going overseas when you are prone to senior moments.  Funny thing is the first time I tried when we got home the numbers rattled off the fingers just like that lol l

I missed my bed - we slept on so many, different sizes and degrees of firmness, from nights when it seemed like we were in each others arms 'cose the bed was so small to others we spent metres away from each 'cose ‘king size’ seemed to mean ‘half a mile wide size’ lol

Actually what I really missed were the blankets we are used to - the doonas/duvets that everyone seems to use just weren't to my liking. Family, friends, hotels and B&Bs all had them so consequently I didn't sleep too well as I can't regulate the heat and my feet get too hot lol

I missed my bath - showers weren't a problem, you just stand under them and wash - makes no difference if they are in the bathtub or freestanding - but all the baths we came in contact with were low and wide and did I have trouble trying to get out of them. There was no lip on the wall side and the walls were flush, sort of moulded not tiled, so apart from the floor/front side I had nothing to lean on and it was quite hilarious some times trying to stand up to make that move over the side to safety lol

There were lots of automatic things in ladies washrooms that amused me once again - soap dispensers and water taps that worked by magic, same for hand sanitisers, some had huge hand driers sounding like jet engines that engulfed your hand and then there were the paper towels that rolled down on their own – all of these things happened with the wave of a hand (up, down, in front of or underneath) but for me the one I will never get used to is the automatic flushing toilet.

Doesn’t matter where it is – it gets me every time lol


  1. Ah, yes, that is the best travel review I've read in a LONG time! :) It's all the little things that make your trip comfortable - or NOT. I agree about the beds and the comforters/blankets/whatevertheyares. I hate to have the really heavy thingies that I can't take off in layers to get just the right temperature.

  2. I agree there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed..........I take my pillow on vacation with me also, even abroad.

    Gill in Canada

  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the bed Cathy, Since we have to keep our house spotless in readiness for inspection for prospective buyers, we decided it would be easier to move out. We have a shed where we used to live in until we built our home and we still have it set up for excess visitors, so we've moved into it. The beds are NOT comfortable and it was just last night that I said to 'Popeye' .. "gosh I'll be glad when we can sleep in our own bed again" And we are not even on holiday (lol)

  4. Fun post Cathy, senior moment and all! Everything seems to be automated anymore! :)

  5. Oh, you had me smiling in agreement, and laughing out aloud at the automatic loo flushers. I encountered one in Switzerland 23 years ago - it didn't flush until you opened the cubicle door!


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