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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday October 9

Well I said I'd be back but thats not really going to happen until next week.  Promise lol

Having a busy time with family -

Spring Racing Carnival has started here in Melbourne so one son will be at Caulfield today watching his 'leg' running in the big race, the interstate son will be busy watching on Fox Sport hoping his 'leg' gets past the post as well lol. 

Melbourne Marathon is on tomorrow - one daughter is running the half marathon so has busy keeping her feet moving all the time wwe were away.

Theres a Deb Ball on in the Eastern Suburbs later this evening - our oldest grandaughter will be there decked out in her finery.  Oh dear we've heard all about the trials she's been putting her Mum through these past few weeks so really hope all goes well.  Actually, both Dh and I will be there as well so we can see if it all goes off without a hitch lol

That leaves our other son and the problems he's having with one of his girls.  She being a bit of problem at the moment and causing him lots of headaches.  Her latest escapade was to travel to Seymour to see someone she met online.  The trouble is she's just 13 (very old for her age) and borrowed her sisters school Myki card to use on the train - she lives with her Mother and this was her weekend at her Fathers and she didn't want to be there.  Dad (our son) went to a nearby shop for a short time and she'd shot through by the time he got home - told her sister she was going for a walk ( which she often does on these weekends) caught a bus and was in the city before they realised.  Thankfully someone from VLine at Seymour was doing their job and apprehended her.  What she didn't know was Myki  isn't valid on country trains yet so got 'caught' trying to go out the gate.  Lucky for here she was escorted back to Spencer Street and picked up by her Dad and didn't get to meet this onknown person - goodness knows what the result would have been.

I'm off to have a bath and just think about myself for an evening - see you next week

Updated to show number 1 grandaughter leaving home at 4.30pm - they had to be at the function place by 5pm so its going to be a long night.  Bet theres some makeup touch ups before the 'do' starts at 7pm lol


  1. Oh Cathy, what a lucky girl, goodness knows what would have happened.
    Beautiful shot of your other Grandie, all decked out in her pearls.
    Families...love 'em.

  2. Lots happening. What a lovely granddaughter prepared for her deb event. I hope the other granddaughter stays safe.


  3. Oh hello! And welcome back. Glad to know you got home safely. Will look forward to seeing you online when you get back to it. Have a fun week.

  4. A beautiful photo of your granddaughter. Hope all is going better for your other granddaughter. The teen years can be so hard!


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