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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pink Ribbon Day

October is known internationally as
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Look at what we saw in Canada 
This enormous pink ribbon was hanging in
what I think was the Scotia Centre
Downtown Calgary Alberta

The Pink Ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness

Here in Australia
Pink Ribbon Day 2010
is Monday October 25

Have you bought yours yet?


  1. What a lovely display so everyone will know how important breast cancer awareness is. Did you get stopped in the shopping area trying to take a picture? Many years ago my husband tried to take a picture of a sand sculpture people were making in a mall and was immediately descended upon by the mall security. I am sure the no-picture rule is to keep people from planning bad things.... :( It was a surprise to be stopped, though.

  2. I haven't bought my pink ribbon, but do contribute monthly to the Canadian Cancer Society. Plus I bought two new bras last week and $5 was being donated to Breast Cancer from that purchase.

    Thanks also Cathy for those links, I have forwarded them onto my mother.

    Gill in Canada


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