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Friday, October 29, 2010

Cup of tea time

Two catalogues arrived in our mail box the other day

The closest Ikea to us is just under an hours drive
Its a fun place to go on a wet day
just to look and wander
And wonder as well -
now just where would I put that (whatever)

But I do like to see whats in store for us before we arrive
If you click HERE you can see the 34 pages of items
that are new in this catalogue

Innovations is an online store
we have only bought something from them once
but the catalogues come in the mail every few months

They have all sorts of weird and wonderful gadgets
and their Christmas Book
is full of things that they 'think' you would like to give as gifts

click HERE and see what treats they have for you

So as I said
sometime this weekend it will be a cup of tea and a sit down time

Maybe I'll forget all the things going on in the background


  1. Neat catalogs. I've spent a lot of time here already and I'll have to come back to finish looking. Clever of you to post the contents.

  2. We have an Ikea 20 some minutes from us...it is an unbelievably large store, one could get lost easily, there's so much to look at, while roaming!

  3. Good morning Cathy. I am enjoying looking through your blog today and getting to know you. Ikea...I LOVE Ikea. We have a store that opened in my home town of Portland Oregon maybe 3 years ago. I never pass up an opportunity to walk the 2 levels of the store to ooh and ahh and imagine re-doing my whole house in Ikea decor.
    By the way, I think your white shawl in your profile picture is beautiful.

    Have a blessed and wonderful day today.

  4. I too am close to an Ikea Cathy, over here it is mostly young people and young couples starting out in life that shop there but I will say just the other day I bought a pizza pan and pizza cutter there........:-) Hugs

  5. I get claustrophobic in Ikea, cant seem to find a way out !! Have only been there once, a couple of years ago and was asked at the entrance if I wanted a wheelchair !! Now...I know I look old but..........??

  6. We have an IKEA just up the expressway from us. What I don't like about it is being forced to go through the entire store (one way traffic) so can't go in and buy one thing in a hurry. I had to laugh when I saw a sign on the elevator on the second floor that says, "This Elevator Does NOT Go Down". OKaaaay. I wonder how it gets the next group of people to bring them UP! Oh, I get it. That's just for us who are already UP. We have to go through the whole store to get out the other side. ;) I've only been to our IKEA once and don't plan to go back. Our son, though, picked up some bunk beds for the kids there for his second home. The beds were a good deal.


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