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Friday, October 29, 2010

Cup of tea time

Two catalogues arrived in our mail box the other day

The closest Ikea to us is just under an hours drive
Its a fun place to go on a wet day
just to look and wander
And wonder as well -
now just where would I put that (whatever)

But I do like to see whats in store for us before we arrive
If you click HERE you can see the 34 pages of items
that are new in this catalogue

Innovations is an online store
we have only bought something from them once
but the catalogues come in the mail every few months

They have all sorts of weird and wonderful gadgets
and their Christmas Book
is full of things that they 'think' you would like to give as gifts

click HERE and see what treats they have for you

So as I said
sometime this weekend it will be a cup of tea and a sit down time

Maybe I'll forget all the things going on in the background

Time is running out

I have been feeling so sad this week
Last weekend I spoke to my friend Anne in Calgary 
The news is not good

Gorton - Dh's airforce friend
the one we visited recently (last month) whilst in Calgary,
has been told the Chemotherapy has not 'worked'
and he must move from the Cancer Unit
and find a Palliative Care bed in a Hospice

All they can do now is wait :((  

I wonder what they were laughing at ?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Irish Jokes

My Dad was an Irishman - and he loved jokes that made fun of his people.  He'd object a bit to those who called him Paddy - my name's Jim, he'd say, and I prefer you to call me that. 
Nearly everyone did - 'cept for Mum and her point of view was that she'd call him whatever she wanted - Dad just took the attitude that there was no use fighting with her 'cose she'd win every time and answered to whatever she called him lol

Anyway I had this funny Irish joke I had planned to tell you today - and what do I see when I visited Frogdancer's Blog (Dancing with Frogs) but some of the very same lol

So heres mine:

Paddy was waiting at the bus stop with his mate Mick, when a lorry went by loaded up with rolls of turf.
Paddy said, I’m goin’ ta do that when I win lottery
What's that says Mick.
Send me lawn away to be cut.

Boom Boom

and here's a sample of Frogdancer's:

Paddy goes to the vet with his goldfish.
I think it’s got epilepsy, he tells the vet.
Vet takes a look and says, It seems calm enough to me.
Paddy says, I haven’t taken it out of the bowl yet.

Paddy’s in jail.
Guard looks in his cell and sees him hanging by his feet.
What the hell you doing, he asks.
Hanging myself, Paddy replies.
It should be around your neck, says the Guard.
I know, says Paddy,
but I couldn’t breathe.

For more laughs pop over to read the rest at Dancing with Frogs

Monday, October 25, 2010

Past Handwork

Just to finish off the handwork theme

I thought you might like to see some photos of a blanket
I made for my friend's first granchild

The first photo was taken in August 2000
so Tamika is now 10 and a fabulous little girl
who loves her grandma very much
(her surrogate Aunty as well)

This one's a little pale but shows it was actually used at times
Well, maybe just for new born photo shoots lol

I know my work is appreciated
when I'm asked to be in the photo along with the baby:)) 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fabulous bargain in Ketchikan

Talking about embroidery
Last time we were in Ketchikan (2006)
I was looking for an internet cafe
and was told about one in the Salmon Landing Market

We wandered over to there but never did send the emails
because I found the most wonderful craft shop

Called The Silver Thimble
it was more of a quilting shop
full with lovely fabric and patterns
as well as loads of other things

Across the way was another little shop
selling all sorts of other lovelies like beads and knitting yarn
Beautiful yarns that I'd never seen before
soft and special
feeling like a joy to knit with

Dh shrugged his shoulders and went back to the cruise ship lol

So this time (August 2010) as we wandered around the town
I wanted to find them just to see what new goodies were there

The Silver Thimble was in the same place
The yarn shop had moved

Dh shrugged again
and dutifully 'escorted' me to the new place
now on Mission Street

It was still as enticing as before - if not more
After a lovely chat with the young girl who was manning the shop
and explaining I couldn't buy 'cose of a weight issue
but could I look
she willingly pottered round with me
telling about the different manufacturers
and the nature of the materials
Which meant I got to fondle and swoon over beautiful yarns Again:))

Dh hung around for about 10 mins then
Yes, you guessed it
shrugged his shoulders and muttered something
about 'seeing you back in the Crows Nest later'
which meant he'd had enough and wanted a drink lol

Guess what I found reduced at the back of the shop
Some embroidery threads by Edmar and in lovely soft colours too
An end of season special down to 50c a skein!!

A real bargain as they cost about $3 a skein here
I use them (sparingly) sometimes in place of Marlitt
which is just as expensive:(

And even tho' it was a very small purchase
they were popped into a little tulle bag
and handed over very delicately to me
as tho they were gold

I love little shops that value their customers
as well as their stock that much

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Works in Progress

This post is an answer to an email question from Elizabeth
 about what I was working on at the moment
'Work' meaning what craft did I have on the go

Some of you may remember the fluffy scarves
I knitted earlier in the year

They sold so well on the craft stall in August
that while its not too hot I am knitting some more
to put away for the same stall next year

Two down - two more on the go
Plenty more of this fancy yarn in my stash
so it may end up being as many as I can manage

There is something else I'm working on
It is a woollen blanket I'm embroidering for a friends 
'grand baby to be'

Due early next year and they 'know' it will be a girl
So by the time the cooler weather turns up
she will be big enough to have a thicker blanket on her cot

My friend said it won't be on the cot overnight
but laid on top during the day to be admired 
I bought this book many years ago
and have been waiting for the opportunity to make it 
but somehow it never turned up
Everyone was having boys :(

This is the illustration in the book
(it really is a bit girly for a boy)

No name has been decided on yet
so I'll work the initial and back it
when the babe has been born

You know what they say about  
'everything comes to those who wait'

I waited patiently
and I received the chance
to do something I really enjoy

Pink Ribbon Day

October is known internationally as
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Look at what we saw in Canada 
This enormous pink ribbon was hanging in
what I think was the Scotia Centre
Downtown Calgary Alberta

The Pink Ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness

Here in Australia
Pink Ribbon Day 2010
is Monday October 25

Have you bought yours yet?

Friday, October 22, 2010


I'm carrying a little bit of extra baggage at the moment
Came home with a few extra kilos
that I didn't take out of the country with me
so I'm back to walking the streets again

It does give me a chance to look at gardens as I pass by
and when I saw this Lemon tree hanging over the fence
I remembered a job that was waiting for me at home

Sqeezing the lemons I'd been given over a week ago
then freezing them in small portions

As you see below I don't use ice cube trays
I find they are too small
so what I do use is the 'egg tray' from the fridge
as I find the holes are just the right size

Job started - grated some of the peel later
('cose I didn't remember till I'd actually finished)
A little trick is to pop the lemons in the microwave for a few seconds
to warm them up
That way you get loads more juice

When I'd finished there was enough to fill the tray more than twice

I like a glass of hot water with fresh lemon juice first thing in the morning
or hot water, lemon juice and honey if we aren't feeling too good

Thursday, October 21, 2010

So what worked and what didn’t?

Thanks for all the visitors I've had since coming home and for all your comments. Thanks also for the birthday wishes - I love to hear what you are thinking and how you react to my nattering.   

So here a few 'thinking out loud' moments for you - good job I don't record all my 'tol' moments as you'd be rather surprised at some of them - I certainly don't want be up on a libel case or could it be slander if I say it quietly to myself lol
(slander refers to a malicious, false, and defamatory spoken statement or report, while libel refers to any other form of communication such as written words or images)

Now of all the clothes I took away it was the older more comfortable clothes I put in as 'maybes' that were worn far more often than the newer stuff - why don't I ever learn and NOT go clothes shopping before a holiday.

Once again my red nylon wind and showerproof jacket that scrunches up and fits into a tiny little bag and has been on countless overseas holidays, proved once again to be the best $10 I ever spent. Various layers and the red jacket kept me going (lots warmer than just a top coat) when the 'summery' days we expected turned out to be colder than our miserable winter had been before we left - and that’s saying something lol

We sort of chose the 'wrong' time to do this trip - even tho' it was the 'right' time for us and everbody else.  We saw some quite small Icebergs in Alaska but none at all in Newfoundland.  When we arrived at Elliston we were told the last of the Puffins had flown off the previous week and Moose were not visible at all.  Mind you Hunting Season had just begin so theres no way I'd stick my head up and say Hello if someone was going to take a pot shot at me lol

The following four paragraphs make me think I'm getting old because:-

I forgot the numbers I needed to log into one of our bank accounts.  they rattle off the fingers each morning theres no need to write them down I said before leaving home - how wrong can we be.  Good job I didn't really need to utilise that account as the first time I went to log in my mind was a blank.  Just wanted to check on deposits so finally entered by using Dh's password which luckily he hadn't changed - not a good idea changing it shortly before going overseas when you are prone to senior moments.  Funny thing is the first time I tried when we got home the numbers rattled off the fingers just like that lol l

I missed my bed - we slept on so many, different sizes and degrees of firmness, from nights when it seemed like we were in each others arms 'cose the bed was so small to others we spent metres away from each 'cose ‘king size’ seemed to mean ‘half a mile wide size’ lol

Actually what I really missed were the blankets we are used to - the doonas/duvets that everyone seems to use just weren't to my liking. Family, friends, hotels and B&Bs all had them so consequently I didn't sleep too well as I can't regulate the heat and my feet get too hot lol

I missed my bath - showers weren't a problem, you just stand under them and wash - makes no difference if they are in the bathtub or freestanding - but all the baths we came in contact with were low and wide and did I have trouble trying to get out of them. There was no lip on the wall side and the walls were flush, sort of moulded not tiled, so apart from the floor/front side I had nothing to lean on and it was quite hilarious some times trying to stand up to make that move over the side to safety lol

There were lots of automatic things in ladies washrooms that amused me once again - soap dispensers and water taps that worked by magic, same for hand sanitisers, some had huge hand driers sounding like jet engines that engulfed your hand and then there were the paper towels that rolled down on their own – all of these things happened with the wave of a hand (up, down, in front of or underneath) but for me the one I will never get used to is the automatic flushing toilet.

Doesn’t matter where it is – it gets me every time lol

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Watery Wednesday

I recently spent a couple of weeks travelling round an island.
An island with a coastline of approximately 9,655 km/5,999miles
so there are many small settlements and fishing villages - called outports
and an awful lot of water 

Twillingate is on the northeast coast of Newfoundland

It was once an important fishing community 
servicing the area for over 200 years
Sadly the fishing industry is in decline
which means some of the wharfs are also in decline

Here are a few photos from that area
click the photos for a better view

To see other waters from around the world

Monday, October 18, 2010

Thinking about our travels

We've been home for two weeks now - all the cases have been put back into their black bags
and are tucked up neatly out in the garage waiting for their next outing
I even started to do a tidy up

But then got diverted -
Looks like I'll have to come back another day to finish that job 

So - lets think about other things.
The weather varied between beautiful hot days
like this one in Calgary where one day the temperature
at a bus stop near Whitehorn Ctrain station was 27c/81f

To freezing cold with nasty wind to go with it
like the day we took the Western Brook Pond boat trip

The other day I made mention that while we were away we had Good Times and Sad Times - Take the Good with Bad times - it certainly applied to our 7 weeks of travel during August and September. The trip could also have been described like a movie title 'Two Hurricanes A Birthday and a Funeral'; we experienced all of those.

We began with a couple of days in Vancouver then sailed up the Inland Passage on a cruise ship to Alaska.  Great fun and the weather was so much better (read drier) than last time.  Will write about that another day

Then across country to the Annapolis Valley and time with family
and Guess What?
Sixth time lucky - I actually got to see water in Hall's Harbour lol

Dh's Aunt had her 87th birthday and for the first time in 2 years had all her children together in the same room, the funeral (of a beautiful lady we knew well, mother in law of one of dh's cousins)was a couple of days after arriving in Nova Scotia and the hurricanes followed not long after - Earl and Igor paid the east coast a visit and did loads of damage both near Halifax and in Newfoundland.

We, but not the rellies missed out on Earl as we sailed for Newfoundland earlier than intended and we, but not friends on the island missed out on Igor as we came back to the mainland a day before Igor hit.

Of course the real highlight of this trip was our time in Newfoundland - I have never felt so comfortable in a place as I did the whole of the 2 weeks we travelled around this fantastic province.  A much larger province than I imagined - one main road that goes on for ever - beautiful friendly down to earth people with a language all of their own.   Where else in the world is a lake called a pond and a small piece of water between two pieces of land called a Tickle lol
There for all to see were - Trees - Mountains - Fishing Villages and Fishing Boats - Roadside Gardens, the Hilly Streets and Coloured Houses of old St Johns, there was plain simpleFood and of course Lighthouses and Water

I was a little nervous to begin with about being 14 days in a car (not a big one either) with 2 others as well as Dh - thats where the 'Take the good with the bad times' comes in.  Boy did we see the 'other' side and learn a lot about each other lol

For instance there were two men in the car who hogged the front seats which meant my head (and Bonnie's, my back seat companion) was constantly turning right and left and peering through the front seats trying to get good views of the passing scenery - not what either of us was used to.  Bonnie put her foot down one day and we did sit in the front for a few hours but you could feel and almost hear the sulking from the back seats - not what the men were used to either lol

Get the picture?
I did sometimes but not all the time lol

A sad time came towards the end of our trip when we arrived in Calgary to the news that dh's longstanding airforce friend had been diagnosed with an agressive cancer so our days there were spent at the hospital - the men had long chats whilst I visited his wife (friends for years). As well as being outside and enjoying some late summer/early autumn well appreciated sunshine, walking round the hospital grounds gave her a fresh face to talk to. He'd had back and leg pain for a while but didn't have it checked out until early September - to begin with his GP was treating him for Sciatica but an MRI scan proved otherwise.

There was a 'nasty' tumour at the base of his spine along with secondaries in his lungs and skeletal system. Not nice eh - given several weeks to live without treatment but an unknown time with he chose to have several 'rounds' of chemo and is now starting radiation treatment. He said, I can't lie here waiting to die - I've chosen to do something and hope for the best.

Think I'd best stop for now, will be back another day

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tuesday October 12

We've had some beastly weather this past week
so I thought I'd reflect on one of the good days
but also show you a little of the area
close to where I live 

The good day was
MY Birthday lol

We (Dh and I) celebrated 
with lunch at his golf club in Healesville
a half hour drive from our house

This is the view from the Terrace
Thats the Great Dividing Range in the background 

Mt. Riddell in in the centre of the picture

Maroondah Dam is just a few kilometres up the road
and I'd heard the spillway was overflowing

This has been a rare occurance the past few years
Drought causes hardship to everyone in the country 
no matter where they live

This dam was quite low and now with all the rain
over the past few months has filled considerably
(if you wait a while you'll see)  
but to see this happening almost brings tears to the eyes 

We decided to walk up the Rose Stairway to get to the top of the wall

Well - Dh strode up
Look at the fabulous Rhododendron still  in bloom

Heres me plodding my way up
Its those funny knees you know lol

Had a little walk along the Dam Wall

Looked over the side
and what did we see
Water Water everywhere

Water for the drinking of
because after treatment
it ends up being delivered in pipes to our door

This is looking towards the Outlet Tower

This is looking out to the middle of the resevoir

And to top it all off I even saw a bench
placed strategically along the walkway

There are a lot of photos on these web sites
giving all sorts of information about the dam
and the surrounding park

We have walking trails there
as well as picnic tables and BBQs
Lots of lovely space for people to have fun

If you look at the picture on the wiki site
showing the outlet tower
you will see how low it got

for more Scenic Sundays from around the world

Wanna have fun doing nothing?

See on Frogdancer's blog

This wonderful timewaster - something to do when you should be doing other things lol


Click on the link and have fun


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hanging out the washing

Washing aka Laundry plays a big part in most of our lives
and I’m lucky that I’m able to hang our clothes out in the fresh air to dry.

I even wrote a blog post about it once and reposted it last January – see HERE

Now apart from new style washers and driers I didn’t think I’d see anything new in this line
but it took a trip to Newfoundland to show me I was wrong.

Ta Da
I present to you
Hanging out the washing Newfoundland style

click photos for a better view

I asked various people why they stood on the steps
but got told thats the way they had always done it
They placed the line high to take advantage of the wind
so needed steps for the women to stand on

It seemed as good an answer as any lol