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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Will be away for a while

I'm not sure why
and I often 'wonder' why
that last week
before something important is going to happen
just flies by
I'm sure there were less hours this past week
than all the weeks previously

We did all the figures and budgeted well  
which meant we are able to afford it
(anyone remember the budget books I keep)
Heres a couple of pages from last year
For me recording each bill and payment works well
that way I can keep a check on expenses 

So its time to say goodbye for a few weeks
I've been running round like a hairy monster
trying to get things done
and finished

Most things are in the case
just a little to finish off tomorrow

Kiera will be going to the Boarding Cattery in the morning
I know I will worry about her being on her own for that long
She still follows me around and is very possesive 
When she's outside she doesn't move far from the house
Perhaps we'll think about another cat to keep her company when we get home

Staying the night near the airport as
we'll be flying out at stupid o'clock Thursday morning
(otherwise known as - very early flight)  
First stop is Vancouver followed by a week at sea
seeing the sights in Alaska 

Then its off to the other side of Canada
To the Maritimes
where we'll catch up with Dh's fabulous extended family
who live in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia
Love that place!!

Highlight of this time is going to be visiting Newfoundland
Something to look forward to as we've never been to that Province before 
Coming home via Calgary to catch up with one of Dh's old airforce friends

We'll be back in Melbourne October 2nd
hopefully having enjoyed some warm sunny dry days  

I'll know I'll be tired and weary
but so so ready for the warmer weather
'cose this winter has been cold and wet and 'orrible
I think I've mentioned that a few times over the past few months lol

Heres the man himself -  this is from the last time we cruised the Inside Passage
Looking a little 'plump' from a week of unlimited food lol
He lost a few kilos when he was sick recently
so will be able to enjoy those meals without feeling guilty this time

I don't think I'll be posting during this time
but then you never know
See you in October


  1. Forgive me for getting so far behind on your posts. Sometimes I will lose a blogger and I don't know why. Have a fun trip and I'm betting you'll manage to get a post or two in before October.

  2. Have a geat time! Stupid o'clock made me laugh. I've never heard that expression before. Love it.

  3. Enjoy being "down home", you will love it. Don't know why you chose Fall to visit Canada but I do know we have beautiful foliage.
    Have a wonderful vacation, looking forward to hearing all about it.....:-)Hugs

  4. Have a great, safe trip Cathy... I hope you have such a wonderful time and that you come back refreshed, relaxed and renewed!

  5. Have a wonderful adventure/trip! Will look forward to hearing all about the trip when you return.

  6. Enjoy your trip, have fun and return safe.

  7. Thank you for that link Cathy, how very thoughtful of you. I hope you have alovely holiday.

  8. (MUST remember not to write part of a comment then go somewhere else to check something.)

    Just surfed in to your blog. Delighted that you are visiting the Annapolis Valley. (I'm writing from Wolfville.) Just wanted to advise you to visit Gaspereau Valley Fibres - website here: http://www.gaspereauvalleyfibres.ca/
    Click on their Location link and you will get the directions.
    Another great shop knitting/yarn shop is in Mahone Bay. But that's not in the Valley.

    Have a wonderful time. (The weather isn't usually this muggy during the summer.)



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