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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wheres the broom?

The other day when I couldn't find the soft broom
I asked Dh if he'd seen it.
It's by the back door' he said
'What's it doing there' I replied
'It doesn't 'live' there' I said
'Oh, when you were out I swept the kitchen floor' he said
'Thanks Darl' I replied

So I set off to pick it up and put it back where it 'lives'
It was just where he said it would be -  by the back door.

Actually, when I found it the door was wide open
so it was sort of hidden
Tucked in behind the door I didn't see it to begin with.
Then I moved the door forward a little bit
Oh dear
Just have a look see what else I found lol. 

"Why didn't you use the brush and dustpan and pick up the dirt' I asked
Couldn't find it' he said 
'It sits right next to the broom in the cupboard' I said
'Sorry' he said
'Next time I won't do anything' he said

Oops - did I say something wrong lol 


  1. LOL right along with you. I see you and yours have conversations similar to me and mine. Only usually it is mine saying the "wrong thing" to me. One reason why I always enjoy looking at your post is that I know there is going to be a tomorrow "here!!"

  2. That sounds just like my husband:0)

  3. My girlfriends and I have a theory. We think that the boys always do jobs a little on the underdone side on purpose. Then when we point out that its wasnt quiet done, they then can say they wont do it again because they are not perfect like us.
    Then them not helping is our fault not theirs.
    But then we could just be paranoid. what do you think?

  4. Looks just like something my dear Husband would do!! Men...they are all the same!

  5. rofl, I agree with Angela, the mister nearly always does that with the little jobs he does, but I have caught on now, so I just accept that he won't always do it how I like it and I am just grateful that I don't have to do the ironing or the vacuuming (although his ironing is excellent, must be the army in him)

  6. Hello everyone
    Well, we all seem to agree that most men do it so they get out of it lightly on another occasion. Do we lower our standards where they are concerned tho?

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