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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Snowdrops or Snowflakes?

As many of  my regular readers would know
I've been a bit preoccupied
with a sickie these past few weeks

I must tell you that my Dh is well and truly recovered now 
and back to his normal self
His liver enzymes are almost back to 'normal range'
and he's definitely back to living life the way he used to.

If the 18 holes of golf he played last Friday
'with no effort on his part' he said
is anything to go by then he's back to his normal self lol

Thank you so much to everyone who asked about him
on the blog, in person or by email
Thank you so much for your concern
I really appreciated it
especially when many of those thoughts came from total strangers

So I am also back to keeping in touch with some of the things
that went by the wayside during those weeks
Pottering round the garden was one of them

So you can imagine my surprise and 'joy'
at seeing these little flowers down by the cat pen
They are some of the bulbs I mentioned in the Viburnum post
and often I don't notice them blooming

So here are what I call Snowdrops in my garden
Although it seems they are actually called 
but what the heck - they look like Snowdrops
I love them no matter what.

Just in front of the Vibunum
with Day Lilies on their right and Ixias on their left
The strappy leaves behind are some Iris Japonica (The Fairy)
which has little white flowers with a streakof purple like Dietes
and right in the front is a clump of grass
that I didn't have the sense to pull out
before I took the photo lol
click on the photos and they will enlarge
See the lovely green dot markings

Two on the same stem and another about to pop out

To see more fabulous plants and flowers from around the world


  1. Happy to hear that your love is on the mend! The flowers are fantastic! I had never seen those before.......wonder if they would grow here....

  2. So glad your husband is well again and you know he is if he can go to golf:0)

  3. Very lovely flowers - look like snowdrops.
    Great pictures.

  4. this flower looks terribly shy.:p

  5. Such beautiful blooms. Great photos.

  6. So pretty. They look like elegant lampshades.

  7. Oh, look at those sweet flowers! I've never sen anything like them. Love the dots on them too. Thanks for sharing.


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