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Friday, August 13, 2010

Skywatch Friday

Here I am
- a  little bit chubbier -
under a cloudy sky
on a rather cool day 
Vancouver's Stanley Park
on our visit in 2004

And Look 
there are benches all over the place lol

Sitting on one close to the inukshuk sculpture
I am surrounded by them :)) 

Hopefully we'll get time to go to Stanley Park again 
when we are in town next week

Remember I told you about it the other day

Heres an article that shows that same bench and that same sculpture lol

To see more skies from around the world


  1. Lovely capture! Beautiful, moody skies and I do love the inukshuk sculpture! Hope you have a great weekend, Cathy!


  2. Beautiful skyline and I love the sculpture. Funny to see you in a jacket while I am sweltering here!

  3. A place that has lots of available benches is what my hubby like ^_^ The sculpture is amazing, who made it? Happy Friday!


  4. I love the look of that very bleak sky, Cathy. Reminds me of Sydney's weather over the last few days. Thank goodness, today looks glorious!!

  5. Very nice... we used to visit this city when I was a little girl. It's time to go back!

  6. Great shot of you, Kathy! The sculpture is wonderful.

  7. Stanley Park is still there sweetie, and still just as nice...Have a great day....:-) Hugs

  8. Beautiful photo, i love the sculpture background...

  9. Stanley Park is a fabulous place isn't it? Thanks for sharing with Sky Watch Friday.

  10. Great shot, the sky looks very moody and I love the sculpture

  11. Where you are sitting is a pretty area. Where you are traveling will give you and us a lot of beautiful sights when you blog them.

  12. What a fun ting to do in preparation for your trip - to take a look back at the last time you were there!. Hope you enjoy your travels.


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