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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Skywatch Friday

Our bedroom is at the front of the house and faces West
so when I open the curtains in the morning 
(that would be about 7am at the moment)
I can usually see what is going on where the weather is concerned.

Now its when I get to the back bedroom
aka as the 'Computer Room'
which faces East and open those curtains
I can 'really' see whats in store

Some of you know Dh was sick recently
I didn't open the curtains in our room, just let him sleep
which meant that I first saw the day from the back window

Oh, it amazing how very different each of our Winter days can be
Heres what greeted me on July 25th
No sunrise but Fog

Yet 2 days later - July 27th
I saw the start of a glorious sunrise 

Same days but from another window

Theres that sunrise again

to see more skies from around the world


  1. Dawn and early morning is my favorite time of day, but our sunrises have been hidden lately with overcast skies. It's been a while since I've seen a great sunrise.

  2. Gorgeous photos, the sunrises are my favorite. Happy skywatching.

  3. What interesting photos from your windows. Different days, different views. Same days different views. That's a great way to keep track of things. Hope DH is doing okay.

  4. I think the sky is so pretty at daybreak, no matter what the conditions are. Maybe because its the start of a new day...clean slate...new beginnings...

  5. Wonderful to see dawn from different angles.

  6. Sky's are always fascinating. I have spend the last couple of night trying to see the northern lights. No luck. They were supposed to be visible the last few nights. I think I have one more chance.

    I have watched the first three episodes of "Making of Modern Australia". They are very interesting. I find myself comparing and contrasting with the developments in Canada and the US post WWII. This could be the basis of some interesting discussions.

  7. Beautiful captures of winter sunrises. Nice to see someone else is experiencing fog.

  8. That looks cold and the sunrise means it gets warm soon. Happy weekend!


  9. Great captures... Happy Sky Watch Friday!

  10. Awesome pictures, love the sunrise!

  11. love photos of sunrises,
    Come on over to my blog and I have a surprise for you.


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