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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Is it Summer yet??

Sadly not in my back garden lol

It's Summer up in the Northern Hemisphere
and from I see and hear its been a scorching hot one

Looking around blogosphere recently
I noticed some bloggers trying to cool off
by showing snowy photos
in posts they called Winter in July  

Well I have to tell you that it is Winter here in Australia
And here in Victoria we are experiencing a Winter
the same as the ones we had years ago
Very Cold and Very Wet  

So as I'm getting fed up with coats and hats
and gloves and scarves
and long trousers and woollen sweaters
and umbrellas
Heres my version of trying to warm up visually
incorporated with a recent theme

Do any of you remember where I was this time last year?
I most certainly do lol

To escape from Melbourne's cold Winter weather
we took ourselves off to the Sunshine State
Staying in Bowen, Far North Tropical Queensland
for a couple of glorious months
we enjoyed as much of the lovely warm Winter sunshine
as we could.

Bowen is on the east coast of Queensland
right at the top of the area called the Whitsundays

So with blue skies - dry warm days - sunny skies 
I was in heaven
I was having my Summer in July lol

Trying to find photos
for a warm me up by thinking of Summer in July post
I came across these.

Benches in the Sunshine

The ocean was only a few minutes walk from our cabin
and this is where I saw this bench
Perfect for sitting on and watching the ocean

Don't forget to click and enlarge the photos

Dh preferred to stand lol

I found the next one in Bowen itself
One side of Herbert Street is higher than the other
and there are several of these fabulous covered crossings 
all the way down the street

Covered in Bougainvillea
they are perfect for sitting in/on - resting awhile in the shade
or waiting for the rain to ease

Rain you say - what rain?
Well up there in that paradise they have a wet season
when the rain comes down in bucket loads
This happens in our Summer not in the Winter
so this little town swells in population 
during the dry warmish Winter months 

I spoke about these covered crossings  
in a previous Todays Flowers  post

Now to finish off here is another bench of sorts
In the sun like the others
Simple to look at - simple in nature
It has just one purpose 
To allow you to sit and have some quiet time
just looking at the ocean

This delightful one was at Montes Reef Resort
an hour and a half away from Bowen
I wrote about Montes  

Oh yes I know its now August
but I did think about this post in July
and it's still Winter and it's still cold
and it's still wet lol


  1. Lovely pictures there, flet as though I was there. Summer eveings are already getting shorter . Most interesting to read, thanks for sharing.

  2. And how miserable it is at the moment!
    I'm with you QLD looks pretty good at this time of year!

  3. Sorry Cathy it is so wet and miserable for you right now... that was how our winter was as well...... but hopefully your glorious pictures will provide you with a much needed pick me up!!!! Here's hoping sun is around the corner for you!

  4. Cathy do you get snow there? I am hesitant going into August, our last full month of summer, our winters are so long....:-)Hugs


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