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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good things come in small parcels

Even though I’m not a huge fan of run of the mill TV
I do like mini series and various police/ detective series.
One of my favourites was Foyle’s War

It was set in wartime England
telling the tale of an English policeman
along with his lovely female driver
who was very intuitive and clever
and always seemed to help solve the crimes.

Australia always seemed to be the last country to see each new series; as soon as we had finished watching one we would wait hoping the television station had enough money to purchase the next one or even two series and that they actually went ahead and did so.
Was not a happy camper when I discovered that this programme had been cancelled and there would be no more.

Then there was Cranford,
a series about the lives of residents
of a small English village in the 1840s
adapted from books written by Elizabeth Gaskell
Even though there were just a few episodes I really looked forward to Sunday evenings for those few weeks. So many characters in such a small place, their lives seemed to be intertwined in so many ways and there were so many new things to learn about them each week.

After being a bit put out when Foyle’s War actually finished, I was then was over the moon when I discovered another series was actually planned and was to be shown this year.
Dismayed when it turned out to be just 3 episodes that took place after the war had finished BUT opened the door to possibly more.
We live in hope lol

Same thing with Cranford – there is more to come I read and was so pleased when I realised that it was back on again the other Sunday. I was ready for a few weeks of pleasure but it was not to be - the second offering was only 2 episodes long. Mind you they were warm and delightful and funny and sad all rolled into one.

Whats the title of this post all about then

The saying I used to hear from my Mum was
– Good things come in small parcels -
However I’ve also heard Great things come in small packages
as well as The Best Things come in small packages

Whichever saying is the one you are familiar with
what I’m getting at is that the last series of those programmes 
- the ones I was so pleased to see -
were the Good Things
and they came in Small Parcels - just 3 and 2 episodes lol


  1. Ohh ohh ohh. We get to see these on the Public Broadcasting Station in the US -- when the local one isn't have pledge breaks with stupid stuff on them. Cranford was wonderful... and so was Foyles War. We bought the DVDs for that one because we liked it so much. Michael Kitchen was just perfect in that role.

  2. I love Foyle's war, probably one of the best things that has been on the idiot box in years.
    I watch Cranford, but it feels a bit contrived to me. I haven't read Gaskell's books, I guess I should.

  3. funnily enough, I have never seen Foyles War. Here in Canada we too never see things until years after they come out in Britain.

    You were asking about our bedrooms. Technically we only have two bedrooms. Our bedroom is two bedrooms knocked into one, and the spare bedroom. We will have a third bedroom in the attic when we get it finished. The bathroom upstairs is the size of a bedroom it's huge.

    Downstairs, we have the living room, another bathroom which is the same size as the upstairs one, a big kitchen/dining room (typical country kitchen); then we have the family room extension which must be probably 24 feet by 12 feet, I am hopeless with measurements. Plus the two basements and the mud room extension on the side. So downstairs is a heck of a lot bigger than upstairs.


  4. I have put Foley's War in my Netflix selections. I had already seen Cranford and loved it. About anything with Judith Dench suits me.


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