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Monday, August 16, 2010

And let there be light

Hellebores are little winter blooming plants
that don't mind the cold weather

The ones in my garden must have big smiles on their faces
because cold we have had 
In fact this winter we have had lots of cold 

I do have a few plants in my garden
but really don't know which ones they are
as the labels all went walkabout
at the time we rented out the house

They are sometimes called Lenten Rose
also Christmas Rose
(yet are nothing like a rose)
I suppose similar to Christmas Cactus
Called that because they bloom in the winter time

Some years they bloom magnificently
others just so-so, barely noticeable
This year is a magnificent one
(I did tell you its been cold didn't I lol)
so I decided to bring a few of the flowers indoors

The camera said it didn't need flash
but look at the difference a little extra light makes
Really shows you their true beauty

To see more flowers and plants from around the world 


  1. Lovely. I had a huge Christmas cactus while we lived in Minnesota, but it died here. It is cold here in the winter, maybe it just didn't want to move?

  2. You know I love Hellebores... It blooms here in early spring... the only problem we have here, is they stink! LOL... seriously, much like Skunk Cabbage... But they are pretty to look at! Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday Cathy!

  3. Nice photos of the pretty flowers, and the flash does make a difference!

  4. I am only just discovering hellebores, so I am learning all sorts of things about them! These are lovely! You are right - the flash is needed to bring out the beauty of the flowers, and the cut glass vase!

  5. I just love hellebores, For me they are one of the first signs of spring. :)

  6. Gorgeous flowers and arrangement. Have a great week!

  7. What a beautiful flower, it looks lovely in the vase, and have to say, what a beautiful vase :)
    Have a great week Cathy.
    An English Girl Rambles

  8. a vase with fresh flowers lights up a room. great shots.

  9. This time the flash really made a difference for the better although often it is not the case. Beautiful arrangement.

  10. Ow this is my favorite flower, I love them!
    Those colors are great.


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