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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Will be away for a while

I'm not sure why
and I often 'wonder' why
that last week
before something important is going to happen
just flies by
I'm sure there were less hours this past week
than all the weeks previously

We did all the figures and budgeted well  
which meant we are able to afford it
(anyone remember the budget books I keep)
Heres a couple of pages from last year
For me recording each bill and payment works well
that way I can keep a check on expenses 

So its time to say goodbye for a few weeks
I've been running round like a hairy monster
trying to get things done
and finished

Most things are in the case
just a little to finish off tomorrow

Kiera will be going to the Boarding Cattery in the morning
I know I will worry about her being on her own for that long
She still follows me around and is very possesive 
When she's outside she doesn't move far from the house
Perhaps we'll think about another cat to keep her company when we get home

Staying the night near the airport as
we'll be flying out at stupid o'clock Thursday morning
(otherwise known as - very early flight)  
First stop is Vancouver followed by a week at sea
seeing the sights in Alaska 

Then its off to the other side of Canada
To the Maritimes
where we'll catch up with Dh's fabulous extended family
who live in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia
Love that place!!

Highlight of this time is going to be visiting Newfoundland
Something to look forward to as we've never been to that Province before 
Coming home via Calgary to catch up with one of Dh's old airforce friends

We'll be back in Melbourne October 2nd
hopefully having enjoyed some warm sunny dry days  

I'll know I'll be tired and weary
but so so ready for the warmer weather
'cose this winter has been cold and wet and 'orrible
I think I've mentioned that a few times over the past few months lol

Heres the man himself -  this is from the last time we cruised the Inside Passage
Looking a little 'plump' from a week of unlimited food lol
He lost a few kilos when he was sick recently
so will be able to enjoy those meals without feeling guilty this time

I don't think I'll be posting during this time
but then you never know
See you in October

Monday, August 16, 2010

And let there be light

Hellebores are little winter blooming plants
that don't mind the cold weather

The ones in my garden must have big smiles on their faces
because cold we have had 
In fact this winter we have had lots of cold 

I do have a few plants in my garden
but really don't know which ones they are
as the labels all went walkabout
at the time we rented out the house

They are sometimes called Lenten Rose
also Christmas Rose
(yet are nothing like a rose)
I suppose similar to Christmas Cactus
Called that because they bloom in the winter time

Some years they bloom magnificently
others just so-so, barely noticeable
This year is a magnificent one
(I did tell you its been cold didn't I lol)
so I decided to bring a few of the flowers indoors

The camera said it didn't need flash
but look at the difference a little extra light makes
Really shows you their true beauty

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Skywatch Friday

Here I am
- a  little bit chubbier -
under a cloudy sky
on a rather cool day 
Vancouver's Stanley Park
on our visit in 2004

And Look 
there are benches all over the place lol

Sitting on one close to the inukshuk sculpture
I am surrounded by them :)) 

Hopefully we'll get time to go to Stanley Park again 
when we are in town next week

Remember I told you about it the other day

Heres an article that shows that same bench and that same sculpture lol

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Folk Club NIght again

Those special Tuesday folk club nights keep on coming
Last month Dh wasn't well enough to go but this month
we were down the road well before the normal time

We knew the hall would be packed because this months special artists were 

This husband and wife 'group' are from Adelaide and so much fun to see and hear
Favourites at many of the folk festivals
both here in Australia and also overseas
We were so lucky to get them booked to appear at our 'little' folk club

The Borderers are well known performers at many of the world�s top music festivals having played Byron Bay Blues & Roots, Port Fairy Folk, Edinburgh and Womad Festivals in Australia and the UK � as well as touring Canada and the USA. They�ve also supported artists including Tom Jones, The Proclaimers, The Saw Doctors and Shane McGowan from The Pogues.

Now sometimes they appear with a large backing
sometimes just on their own
It was just the two of them on Tuesday night
but what a noise they made

Alex has a voice that is powerful and clear as a bell
Jim compliments her in every way
matching her energy - revelling in her enthusiasm
and just having fun

I think these - not very good photos - tell the tale 
A packed hall meant I was hemmed in - not good for picture taking
Too many standing at the back - I couldn't get a spot there either lol

Introduction time
Feeling the words
Sharing a joke
Didn't stand still all evening
One moment to check their play list
Seemed like the only time they did stand still lol
What it's all about

Click on the photos to enlarge
Check the links and listen to their music
I'm sure you will enjoy it

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good things come in small parcels

Even though I’m not a huge fan of run of the mill TV
I do like mini series and various police/ detective series.
One of my favourites was Foyle’s War

It was set in wartime England
telling the tale of an English policeman
along with his lovely female driver
who was very intuitive and clever
and always seemed to help solve the crimes.

Australia always seemed to be the last country to see each new series; as soon as we had finished watching one we would wait hoping the television station had enough money to purchase the next one or even two series and that they actually went ahead and did so.
Was not a happy camper when I discovered that this programme had been cancelled and there would be no more.

Then there was Cranford,
a series about the lives of residents
of a small English village in the 1840s
adapted from books written by Elizabeth Gaskell
Even though there were just a few episodes I really looked forward to Sunday evenings for those few weeks. So many characters in such a small place, their lives seemed to be intertwined in so many ways and there were so many new things to learn about them each week.

After being a bit put out when Foyle’s War actually finished, I was then was over the moon when I discovered another series was actually planned and was to be shown this year.
Dismayed when it turned out to be just 3 episodes that took place after the war had finished BUT opened the door to possibly more.
We live in hope lol

Same thing with Cranford – there is more to come I read and was so pleased when I realised that it was back on again the other Sunday. I was ready for a few weeks of pleasure but it was not to be - the second offering was only 2 episodes long. Mind you they were warm and delightful and funny and sad all rolled into one.

Whats the title of this post all about then

The saying I used to hear from my Mum was
– Good things come in small parcels -
However I’ve also heard Great things come in small packages
as well as The Best Things come in small packages

Whichever saying is the one you are familiar with
what I’m getting at is that the last series of those programmes 
- the ones I was so pleased to see -
were the Good Things
and they came in Small Parcels - just 3 and 2 episodes lol

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wheres the broom?

The other day when I couldn't find the soft broom
I asked Dh if he'd seen it.
It's by the back door' he said
'What's it doing there' I replied
'It doesn't 'live' there' I said
'Oh, when you were out I swept the kitchen floor' he said
'Thanks Darl' I replied

So I set off to pick it up and put it back where it 'lives'
It was just where he said it would be -  by the back door.

Actually, when I found it the door was wide open
so it was sort of hidden
Tucked in behind the door I didn't see it to begin with.
Then I moved the door forward a little bit
Oh dear
Just have a look see what else I found lol. 

"Why didn't you use the brush and dustpan and pick up the dirt' I asked
Couldn't find it' he said 
'It sits right next to the broom in the cupboard' I said
'Sorry' he said
'Next time I won't do anything' he said

Oops - did I say something wrong lol 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Snowdrops or Snowflakes?

As many of  my regular readers would know
I've been a bit preoccupied
with a sickie these past few weeks

I must tell you that my Dh is well and truly recovered now 
and back to his normal self
His liver enzymes are almost back to 'normal range'
and he's definitely back to living life the way he used to.

If the 18 holes of golf he played last Friday
'with no effort on his part' he said
is anything to go by then he's back to his normal self lol

Thank you so much to everyone who asked about him
on the blog, in person or by email
Thank you so much for your concern
I really appreciated it
especially when many of those thoughts came from total strangers

So I am also back to keeping in touch with some of the things
that went by the wayside during those weeks
Pottering round the garden was one of them

So you can imagine my surprise and 'joy'
at seeing these little flowers down by the cat pen
They are some of the bulbs I mentioned in the Viburnum post
and often I don't notice them blooming

So here are what I call Snowdrops in my garden
Although it seems they are actually called 
but what the heck - they look like Snowdrops
I love them no matter what.

Just in front of the Vibunum
with Day Lilies on their right and Ixias on their left
The strappy leaves behind are some Iris Japonica (The Fairy)
which has little white flowers with a streakof purple like Dietes
and right in the front is a clump of grass
that I didn't have the sense to pull out
before I took the photo lol
click on the photos and they will enlarge
See the lovely green dot markings

Two on the same stem and another about to pop out

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Flying - is it your idea of fun?

In 2 weeks time (August 19th) I will be in Vancouver
having flown there from Sydney NSW in one of these
Air Canada Boeing 777

Our flight from Melbourne to Sydney will have been in one of these
Qantas Boeing 767 - 300

I have flown thousands of miles during my lifetime
and even tho' I was raised on airforce camps
(yes I was a quarters brat)
and then married an airman
I don't like flying at all.

Put me behind the steering wheel of a car
sit me by the window of a train
tell me I can stand at the side of a ship and stare at the sea
and I'll be your friend for life

I'm not the best of flyers
and I could say
its definitely not my favourite form of transport at all
but to get to wherever overseas these days
we have to do what we have to do lol

Most airlines have reasonably comfortable aircraft
(I said 'most' as I've heard weird and wonderful tales
about the state of some airlines in remote parts of the world
and their idea of comfort or even safety leaves a lot to be desired)

Now imagine what it would be like to fly
when this was one of the most up to date
aircraft with the most up to date features

During our trip up to Qld last year we went to Winton
For Dh the Qantas Founders Museum was on the list of things to see
So I tootled along with him and found it a fabulous place
and also discovered that the comfort we are used to now
isn't quite the same as the comfort promised by Qantas
in the late 1920s

For most of the passengers seating was bench style
and they weren't very big benches either lol

Wonder if there was a rush for the single bucket type seat?
Safely secured to the floor I hope

I think it might have been a bit chilly in the cabin
the windows were a sort of perspex material 
The best part of this 'new' aircraft that Qantas had invested in
was that it had a toilet 

But look where it was
Behind the curtain!!
As the flyer on the wall (see above) says
Imagine it on a very hot Qld day
Say no more lol 

Bet those windows were slid open to get a bit of breeze in lol

Heres the place where the pilot would pop notes out
for the passengers
'Arriving at Longreach shortly'

This board has various bits of information
about different forms of transport
and the times it took to get from one place to another
also the costs involved

I couldn't get it all in the picture
but if you save it to your computer and then enlarge it on your monitor
you should be able to comfortably read whats there.

Quaint as it was it still didn't change my thoughts on flying lol

Which I have to do the week after next
lots to do before then tho'
Bye for now

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Skywatch Friday

Our bedroom is at the front of the house and faces West
so when I open the curtains in the morning 
(that would be about 7am at the moment)
I can usually see what is going on where the weather is concerned.

Now its when I get to the back bedroom
aka as the 'Computer Room'
which faces East and open those curtains
I can 'really' see whats in store

Some of you know Dh was sick recently
I didn't open the curtains in our room, just let him sleep
which meant that I first saw the day from the back window

Oh, it amazing how very different each of our Winter days can be
Heres what greeted me on July 25th
No sunrise but Fog

Yet 2 days later - July 27th
I saw the start of a glorious sunrise 

Same days but from another window

Theres that sunrise again

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Watery Wednesday

This beautiful bridge goes over the pond near the Chinese Garden
in Monash Park Shepparton here in Victoria
We visited there last December (2009)
and thoroughly enjoyed looking at as well as walking over the bridge 
I love the bright red paint on the metal work 
It makes it really stand out

Maybe you would like to read this press release about the opening the previous August

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My World Tuesday

Guess what has become my latest obsession lol

There seem to be benches all over the place
I'm seeing them everywhere I go these days lol

These ones in Croydon's Main Street
were waiting patiently for weary shoppers

Not in use this day - far too cold and windy
Hardly anyone walking along this lovely tree lined street

Shops all the way up the street and down the other side
Strip shopping - that's the way we used to shop
before large airconditioned shopping centres appeared

clicking on the photos will enlarge them

On this particular day
it was hope for a parking spot
close to where you want to go
Out of the car - do what you have to do
Back in again and off home
Quick smart

These circular seats/benches are quite new
Maybe there will be takers come the Summer  

Mind you it can have a similar look
on days when its 35c/95f lol

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Is it Summer yet??

Sadly not in my back garden lol

It's Summer up in the Northern Hemisphere
and from I see and hear its been a scorching hot one

Looking around blogosphere recently
I noticed some bloggers trying to cool off
by showing snowy photos
in posts they called Winter in July  

Well I have to tell you that it is Winter here in Australia
And here in Victoria we are experiencing a Winter
the same as the ones we had years ago
Very Cold and Very Wet  

So as I'm getting fed up with coats and hats
and gloves and scarves
and long trousers and woollen sweaters
and umbrellas
Heres my version of trying to warm up visually
incorporated with a recent theme

Do any of you remember where I was this time last year?
I most certainly do lol

To escape from Melbourne's cold Winter weather
we took ourselves off to the Sunshine State
Staying in Bowen, Far North Tropical Queensland
for a couple of glorious months
we enjoyed as much of the lovely warm Winter sunshine
as we could.

Bowen is on the east coast of Queensland
right at the top of the area called the Whitsundays

So with blue skies - dry warm days - sunny skies 
I was in heaven
I was having my Summer in July lol

Trying to find photos
for a warm me up by thinking of Summer in July post
I came across these.

Benches in the Sunshine

The ocean was only a few minutes walk from our cabin
and this is where I saw this bench
Perfect for sitting on and watching the ocean

Don't forget to click and enlarge the photos

Dh preferred to stand lol

I found the next one in Bowen itself
One side of Herbert Street is higher than the other
and there are several of these fabulous covered crossings 
all the way down the street

Covered in Bougainvillea
they are perfect for sitting in/on - resting awhile in the shade
or waiting for the rain to ease

Rain you say - what rain?
Well up there in that paradise they have a wet season
when the rain comes down in bucket loads
This happens in our Summer not in the Winter
so this little town swells in population 
during the dry warmish Winter months 

I spoke about these covered crossings  
in a previous Todays Flowers  post

Now to finish off here is another bench of sorts
In the sun like the others
Simple to look at - simple in nature
It has just one purpose 
To allow you to sit and have some quiet time
just looking at the ocean

This delightful one was at Montes Reef Resort
an hour and a half away from Bowen
I wrote about Montes  

Oh yes I know its now August
but I did think about this post in July
and it's still Winter and it's still cold
and it's still wet lol