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Saturday, July 17, 2010

While I'm away

The cat will play!
Not likely where Kiera is concerned

I was going out for a while the other day
so for safety popped her in the pen
then shut the door 
As it was a rather cool (read cold) day
I nipped back down to turn on the electric blanket 
and this is what I found

Now tell me she's upset at being penned lol
Almost off to the land of nod before I drove off

When I got home I went back down to let her out
Sound asleep!
She didn't even stir when I spoke to her
The big cardboard box is where she sleeps
when its a bit windy
She and Leroy would cuddle up together 
nice and warm
(leccy blanket in there as well)
and stay there even when the door had been opened

Bye for now


  1. Hi Cathy,
    Kiera looks to have a nice spot in the sun to doze in. Are they special electric blankets for pets? I have often put a hot pack under a blankie for Cody on cold days, although he has so much fur I don't really think he needs it.

  2. Clearly puss is traumatised by the whole experience.

  3. Electric blanket AND sunshine -I'd stay there too!

    Zebby doesn't get an electric blanket but he does have all of the bed and a blankey or two to snuggle under and destroy. I do leave the radio on for him! Hey, I'm following in my Mum's footsteps here, lol, - she did the same for family cat Bits (b.1974 - d.1989)

  4. I love cats, this one seemed perfectly content to have a cat nap while you were out rather get up to mishief like they always seem to do.
    Loved the read and photo's


  5. Gosh looking at Kiera I felt like a nap. She looks so cozy.......:-) Hugs

  6. What a cutie! Cats are so very smart. ;)

  7. She seems to know the routine and is very happy with it. I would be too, she's a lucky cat.

  8. Oh Cathy... that is one happy baby you have there....! So sweet!

  9. Lucky Kiera - she knows when she's well off. Lovely shiny coat she has, too.

  10. You certainly treat your pets well! My dachshunds are like little heaters in the winter and they keep me warm!! Your baby looks quite content.


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