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Monday, July 19, 2010

Todays Flower

I'm always unsure about the name of this plant

Some acquaintances said it is 
Saxifraga aka London Pride
then others say it is called
Crassula multicava aka Stonecrop

I'm leaning towards Crassula because of the glossy leaves
but whatever its name - it grows anywhere
and is also one of those
really easy to propagate 
just break a piece off and stick in the ground
type of plants

Heres the patch down near the cat pen
covering the ground fabulously
and green the whole year round

click any of the photos for a closer view
I took these photos the other day
You can see the tiny little flowers buds
on the tips of the long thin stems

In a few weeks they will open out
and from a distance
the whole of this area
will look like its covered with pink fluff

These are from early spring (October) last year

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  1. I love flowers and plants and this was lovely. Thanks for sharing.


  2. They look like a type of sedum to me. My mother called them "live forevers." Very pretty pictures.

  3. Your garden is surrounded with lush green plants, I love flowers especially pink ones...:-)Hugs

  4. I was going to say a type of sedum. They do have a very delicate flower. Mind you the sedum's I have in our garden flower in the Fall/Autumn for us here in Canada.

    Gill in Canada

  5. Lovely post Cathy and great photos. Thanks for sharing.
    An English Girl Rambles

  6. Gorgeous; I love flowers~ Reminds me of a the tea flower, http://www.aces.edu/pubs/docs/A/ANR-0202/

  7. Yes, they look very like a sedum I have growing "wild" in my excuse for a garden. It will be a few months before mine put up flower heads though!

  8. Not having much of a green thumb I just call them all pretty flowers.

  9. Some folks call them 'forever yours' around here. 'Live forever' is a name I have heard, too. I suppose the meaning is that you can't kill them! I use them as borders a lot and haven't managed to kill them to date.


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