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Monday, July 12, 2010

It was about this time in July 1960
50 years ago
I first met my dear sweet one - my Dh
He was the grand old age of 21 and I was 17

He was stationed at Nicosia in Cyprus with the RAF
and I was there because my father
was also a serving member of the RAF

Anyway for all those single young men so far from home
young single girls were hotly sought after
and he found me lol

This was taken not long after we met
and is one of my favourite photos of the two of us
That is apart from 'The Wedding Ones'
but we'll have to wait till April next year for those

He introduced me to many things
and we also shared a love of many things
Music being one of them
He loved the sound of music
particularly that of jazz
Not just the traditional jazz style but modern as well

These were some of his favourite singers of that time

click on the links
This one tells you all about them
Whereas you can revel in the sound of their music with this one

There is one singer and a song
that we've always called 'our own'

Here's the singer
and the song is
'The 12th of Never'
Never have guessed would you lol

Here are 2 versions
To get the benefit you must let them load first
then listen the second time

My sweet one hasn't been too well this past week
Blood tests returned with all sort of weird results
particularly the Liver Function Test
so as well as having more blood taken today
he also had an ultrasound of his abdomen

Fingers crossed
it was just a virus that stuffed them all up!!


  1. What a lovely post about you and your loved one, I enjoy reading about people. You and yours was the same age as my huaband and myself but we met in 1961. So I guess that makes you a year older than me......not that age makes any difference.
    Don't unduly worry about your husbands liver fuctioning test, for years mine was like that,
    I was taken ill in Spain and they told me the medication I was taking was not being processed by the liver, I gradually weaned myself off the offending medication with my doctor's permission then had another blood test, the liver had healed itself and up until last year when I had the last test it was still ok. apparently the liver can heal itself on it's own.
    Take care both of you.

  2. What a worrying time.
    Hopefully, as you say, it is nothing more serious than the effect of a virus.
    All the best to you both.

  3. What a wonderful couple you are! Thank you for sharing the beautiful time of your meeting.

    I hope all those tests go well.


  4. Oh Cathy he looks so in love and protective of you in the photo, I love it.
    I hope his test results are better today, am keeping you both in my heart and prayers:-)Hugs

  5. FINGERS, TOES, ARMS, KNEES, LEGS AND EYES are all crossed that he will just be as good as new in no time!

  6. The 12th of Never is one of my favourite songs as well, (don't mind a bit of jazz either). I am hoping that the blood test results all come back good. Thinking of you.

  7. I love the "12th of Never"! I enjoyed your story! Hoping your Dh test results are alright!

  8. Lovely photo of you both, we listened to Johnny Mathis too and met in 1959! Hope the test results are better tomorrow!

  9. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to your man. Sometimes it depends on just HOW the blood test was taken.

    I also like the song...but not the singer. I went to a concert at the Festival Theatre in Adelaide, many years ago. It was the most boring thing I ever had to sit through. Harry Belafonte, on the other hand.......WOW that had me dancing out of my seat.

  10. Thank you all for your thoughts - the dr's rooms rang and asked for dh to come in tomorrow for his results. Only time will tell what is to be - its all up to the one above now.
    Looks like most of you share our 'love' of Mr Mathis as well, Sorry he didn't have enough get up and go for you Olive lol


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