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Saturday, July 10, 2010

It doesn't take much

No - it doesn't take much to make me happy

Look at this photo
tell me what you see
I see a shadow on the ground

I see a shadow of someone walking
across the car park
 at the local shopping centre

But what else do you see?

I see a shadow on dry ground:))

A shadow equals sunshine
The dry ground equals no rain
Yeah !!

After a very cold and frosty start to the day
Had to scrape the ice of the car
before I drove down to the shopping centre
It was a fabulous dry and sunny day today
Managed to get loads of washing dry
on the outside line
Yeah !!

After all the recent rain we have had
I sort of felt uplifted as I came back to the car
Had a spring in my step
and needed to record the moment

Shame its not going to last tho'
Recent storms over Western Australia are coming our way
According to the Bureau
they will be here tomorrow 

I had a similar feeling to that of Angela at Earthmama
Here in this recent post she felt an awakening
and I am sure that as the days lengthen and become less harsh
more and more of us Down Under will be aware
that the seasons never stand still and our turn will come 

ps My bum isn't that big
Its the coat (and the angle) that makes it look so lol


  1. Hello Cathy! Thank you for popping in to my blog and saying 'hi'! I am liking that you are having a happy day in your post ~ I am trying to keep happy on my last day of staycation and posted a 'happy' post today too!

    Oh and indeed, shadows make the bum look 3 times as large don't you find? :)

    Have a Happy Day Cathy!
    xo Catherine

  2. Hurrah for sunshine! :)

    We are getting a little very needed rain here today. Tomorrow may be our day for sunshine.

  3. Like you I prefer the simple things in life:
    I loved your post and laughed at your ps.

    Take care.

  4. What a great photo! You're far braver than I am to have taken a shot of your shadow.

  5. We have been spoilt by the weather recently.
    I was away on the NSW south coast and it was heavenly.

  6. I have to remind myself of the change of seasons are opposite of ours, it is so very hot here today.....love your photo and your ps
    ...LOL. big hugs my friend.....:-)

  7. When I was much younger, I used to wish that I was as tall and slim as my shadow was at certain times of the day, lol. We have survived the storms in Adelaide, hopefully they will have diminished by the time they get to you.

  8. ll be happy to swap weather with you!lol our temps has been over 100 and miserable!
    Love the sweater in the last post.
    Have a great wk.end.

  9. Hi Cathy
    We have had quite a bit of wet weather here which is unsual as we don't get winter rain. Winter is our dry season with the wet season coming on around November here in QLD. I love taking shadow pictures & yes they are quite decieving!!


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