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Monday, June 14, 2010

What to do when the rain stops and the sun shines

To me the past few weeks have been grey, really cold and wet, yes I know its winter but to be like that for days on end means I haven't been out the door unless its been necessary.  Front door to the car - go wherever and do whatever was needed - and then home again to the 'fireside' and my knitting.

However the weather man said we would be surprised over this long weekend - Queen's Birthday Weekend here in Victoria so no work today 'Monday' for many of the workers - for me 'cose I don't have commitments on Monday it was business as usual, the surprise was to be dry, sunny, reasonably warmish days.  Tonight is going to be testing tho' as the overnight temp in my suburb is forecast to be 2c/35f and that is b........cold.  lol

With the promise of dry days and knowing some things had slipped by 'cose I haven't been outside; haven't been inclined or even had the energy to think about being out there courtesy of all the cold wet rainy days we have had - I did mention its been cold and wet didn't I? - I decided it was time to start clearing up before the real winter days arrive.

They got it right - the past two days have been glorious. Dry and sunny - comfortably warm - well warm enough not to need a coat just a fleecy top - so I have spent most of them outside working in the garden   In the garden clearing up all the mess thats accumulated over those wet windy days I was telling you about

Roses were pruned, leaves on my side of the fence from next doors oak tree were raked and bagged ready to use for compost making over the next year, perennial plants tidied up, manure and other goodies spread.  I turned the ground over a bit ready for the next load of rain coming our way and then will mulch it just before we go away in August.  Hopefully it carries on raining and doesn't dry up in the meantime.

I lifted some Eucomis (Pineapple Lily) and gave them a new home; while I was in the shifting mood had a look at a great big clump of Dietes that had grown too wide for its spot.  Took ages and a whole lot of puff to dig out - so Dh split it into three and they now have new homes as well.

Didn't take any photos of the garden but I did notice loads of different sorts of mushrooms growing around the place so will post piccies of those another day.  Early bed I think, started the day with aching muscles from yesterdays effort and finishing in the same state.  Hottie is in the bed warming it nicely, just need to find the Lectric soda to put in the bath water to sooth those said aching joints and muscles


  1. There is nothing quite so satisfying as looking at the garden after a serious weeding session. We had a rain and hail storm yesterday. After it passed I spent 2 blissful hours pulling weeds in one of my gardens, then laying mulch. It made all the aches I felt this morning worthwhile when I look ed out the window and saw my handiwork.

  2. It's lovely when you get unexpected good weather, so much to do and so little time.
    Hope you don't ache too much.

    Take care.

  3. I am cleaning the garden as well...very late but I am trying to get my summer flowers in. We need the rain here it is so dry.

  4. Dietes is a bit of a pain to move isn't it? Last time I used a crow bar to help me, I also waited till we had had a lot of rain in the hopes that it would be easier. From memory I think I used an axe to divide it.


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