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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We are on our way

Yes we are on the way down or should I say on the way up

Which ever way it is we have turned the corner

June 21st has been and gone meaning the Southern Hemisphere Winter Solstice arrived.
We had our shortest day and longest night and now like this woodchopper in Sydney I can look forward to a change.

Festivals and events have been happening all over the country
Some deep and meanngful others just plain fun

Hobart  Adelaide Cairns  Melbourne Sydney Canberra

For me it means that as the days go by they will gradually become longer and warmer and this big black whatever I'm carrying around will go away. 

Hopefully this rotten cough will go as well.  I finally gave in and went to see my GP yesterday morning. 

Now I rarely go to see him but had felt so crook over the wekend I just turned up (9am) when the doors opened on a chance, walked to the desk and Annette (the receptionist) just looked at me, nodded her head and pointed to a chair (she was on the phone). 

Even tho there were others waiting I was called in next and as I sat down and looked at the doctor I just said  "I don't feel very well"  (trying not to let the tears fall as I spoke) he stood up came round to look at me and (bless his heart) he said 'My dear you don't look very well either' 

I then began to wonder how awful I did look lol

Result of examination - some viral thing with no name - so no antibiotics unless it does turn into a chest infection but he did prescribe some Panafcortelone (a cortisone - prenisolone) to 'calm' the cough. 
I am not bothered about side effects some friends have told me about - it is working. 

After resting and dozing at times by the fire all the afternoon, I had an early night and best of all, slept most of the night for the first time in weeks without coughing and feel so much better now late this Tuesday afternoon.  The dose reduces over the next few days and it wont be a permanent medication . 

After the heavy fog lifted at lunchtime today and the fabulous sun came out I even felt bright enough to pop up to the local shops for a few bits and pieces.  Yes I'll take it easy but hopefully it's going to be great from here on in. 

Better be or I aint going to be happy lol


  1. I'm glad you have seen the doctor as coughs have a habit of lingering on. We had our longest day yeaterday, very soon(In July) Christmas cards will be appearing in the shops, the calendars are all ready out.
    We have beautiful weather at the moment.

    Take care.

  2. glad you are feeling a bit better viruses can be pretty hard to shake. Take it easy and rest.

  3. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. I have had the same and am finally feeling better after a week of medication. It seems to be everywhere now with the seasons changing. I hope you feel even better by tomorrow.

  4. How wonderful to be able to just show up at the doctor's office and be seen! I'm glad you're feeling better.


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