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Monday, June 14, 2010

See all the World Cup Scores here

Dh had this forwarded to him - if an IT nerd did this I think they have more time on their hands than they know what to do with lol

Its quite amazing, its a detailed fixture calendar which will be updated as results come in so click on the link if you're interested. 

All the details are there as you move your cursor round the circle - countries, groups and dates and places. 

Even I who does not like the game found it interesting



  1. My youngest son was a pro footballer many years ago until he had 2 bad accidents which forced him to hang his boots up, He is still mad about the game, Me? I can take it or leave it,
    Loved reading your post as always,

  2. I already know the score that matters, and that is we got clobbered by the germans.
    Oh well maybe new week we will do better

  3. I am going to email dh this as he will love it.

    The cookbook will be available in September.


  4. Thanks for that link Cathy, while I am not a football fan, I do like to keep an eye on how my 2 teams (NZ and Australia) are doing, so this will be good for that.


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