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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rotten Internet

Have to be quick - this b......thing is likely to drop out anytime
Will be back when the ISP decide to give us what we pay for
That would be the knowledge we can go online any time of the day for as long as we like
Without being cut down in our tracks
Bye for now


  1. Hi Cathy,

    We will be standing by for your return. ;)

    Seriously, I hope the connection is more secure and dependable soon.


  2. I know the feeling but with me it's telephones,


  3. I forgot to say in previous comment that we pay exactly the same rate as the city dwellers.

  4. Same problem here, Cathy, but no hope of a solution as we are in a rural area and fast broadband is for city dwellers!

  5. Frustrating for sure! Hope it gets resolved soon, but I'm with you about being able to get what you pay for! Good luck!

  6. There have been times when my internet service has been bad. I feel I know people in India who I talk with to reestablish it. They used to be in Canada and we could talk about the weather, now they are far off in India. It is electrical storms that interrupt my service.

  7. Isn't it amazing that we cannot have unlimited internet when the world offers so many other spectacular things? I believe it is like women's stocking/panty hose. They say there is a formula for making sheer stockings that will last a lifetime but no one wants to make them because they wouldn't sell as many pair. The satellite internet providers are all in the broadband limiting business so they can charge us more money at every turn. Yikes!

  8. Hope your internet issues get resolved soon. Thanks for reminding me to update your info in my sidebar. I have finally taken care of yours--still have many to go.

    Tossing It Out

  9. I hope all has turned out well. I am lucky enough to have good service here. Now that I've said that it will probably go out...

  10. Hope your absence is a short one. I will expect lots of craft work done in the meantime as you are off the net.
    see ya soon


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