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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Open your eyes and look inside

I mentioned the other day
that like these female Magpies I recently saw dining in my back garden 
I'd been out to lunch and engaged in some girly gossip

if you have to -  click on the photos to enlarge

I came home feeling so much better
ready to tackle anything put in front of me

Now, do you know what happens
when you sort of turn away from everything for a few weeks?

Some call it turning a blind eye
others call it being lazy

Well, I can tell you 
that 'this' is what happened in my house

Not exactly proud of what I saw
for what seemed the 'first time' yesterday
I can remember the last time I handled some of those things
and it was a lot earlier than yesterday lol

Using that kitchen bench to prepare things was becoming difficult
and no wonder I was finding it difficult to sleep
with all that 'stuff' on the chest of drawers in front of the bed.

Going to have to do something about finding the proper homes
for most of that 'stuff'
'cose just about all of it actually needs to live in our house 

Do any of you have 'dumping grounds
or don't you want to admit to it lol


  1. Yes, I sure do have dumping grounds, but straightening up has to come in bunches here after real living in between. Ha! I have a wonderful aunt who, when I said I had to go do the dishes before I went somewhere, "The dishes aren't going anywhere and they'll be here when you get back. Come on, let's go!" She must have been the original liberated woman, but never made a big deal about it: an engineer with IBM who designed guidance systems for US Navy helicopters among other things. She's in her 90's now. Yep, the clutter can wait if you have something more exciting to do today.

    OK, I admit it, I have to tackle the clutter every once in awhile, too, or I'll go NUTS! I usually wait until it's raining outside. :)


  2. Quite a collection of Magpies.

  3. I hold my hands up to that question Cathy.

    Have a good week-end.

  4. Oh yes, definitely have dumping grounds. its a constant battle. Your magpies are a lot more black than hours. I wonder if they are cousins or just name share.

  5. Dumped things seem to breed overnight, I'm just looking at my kitchen bench and it is covered with bits and pieces yet 2 days ago it was clear(ish). I do like the first comment about the dishes not going anywhere, I must remember that for using at the appropriate time.

  6. Hmmm, I'm definitely not posting a piccie of my desk :-)

  7. HELLO CATHY!! Its been awhile since I left a comment, but I do visit and read your blog (and others) when I can. But I don't call my desk a mess, but choose to think of it as "creative clutter" instead! :-))

  8. doesn't look so bad, Cathy, I have a quite a few spots like that in my house. I actually am very visual, so I need to see things spread out otherwise I forget about them!

  9. I haven't seen a magpie in years, I have never seen one over here. Our basements are dumping grounds and the living room, because we don't really use our basements, and we have a family room, so the living room is barely used either.

    In answer to your question, we don't have to disclose the ingredients in pies for a bake sale......YET!!

    The rest of the supper was prepared by the restaurant across the road from the hall which has a strong association with the church. So they prepared all the food, so the health department would be all good with that.

    Gill in Canada

  10. My husband has what I call his nest. Do not ever set up a TV tray near him or it will be piled high before you know it. I should not complain because at least his dumping ground is contained in the den. Mine is seen throughout the rest of the house, especially in our home office.

  11. I definately "dump". Cluttered is a polite description of my wee home!

    And Zebbycat is useless at cleaning up, lol.

  12. I do having "dumping grounds", several of them I must admit! I will soon go on a cleaning binge and everything will look great until one day I lay down something....


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