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Thursday, June 24, 2010

One of my regular reads

Have to start by sayng thank you for all the wishes for a recovery from this beastly virus I seem to have picked up.  Three days into the 'wonder drug' and the coughing has almost subsided, the raised temperature has gone and vitality seems to have reappeared.  Today I pottered about in the sunshine in the garden, did some washing as well as a bit of cooking so all in all it was a good day.  Theres a promise of 16c/60f - almost like a Spring day tomorrow mind you its going down to 5c/41f overnight.  Lets hope I don't collapse in heap lol

After my recent discovery of clutter covered surfaces the other day - and not recently covered I must say lol
I laughed when I read this post on one of my 'favourite' blogs. 

I've been a fan of The Happiness Project for quite a while, not all of the posts are about housework although this months focus is on clutter, many are interviews,  theres a weekly tip day - there are loads of interesting articles on Gretchen Rubins site about The Happiness Challenge which isn't as nerdy as it sounds.  Some you might agree with - you may have your own thoughts about others.

Recently she has been doing weekly you tube videos which makes the posts a little lighter than just reading the written word and todays post was entitled Plagued by Clutter - Clear a surface.  How timely !!

Remember this recent post of mine - http://stillwaters-cathy.blogspot.com/2010/06/open-your-eyes-and-look-inside.html

So the other day after I moved :-
The shopping bag and Melways to the car
The bottle of Eucalyptus Oil, the jar of emu oil cream and the jar of Vaseline to the bathroom
The craft lamp, box of quilting pins and packet of sewing needles, the length of lace and the large cutting out scissors to the craft shelfi n the spare bedroom
The bird book and the novel to the bookshelf
The mobile phone and charger as well as the small transitor walking radio with the earphones into one of those baskets along the wall where they ususally live
The small bits of notepaper, large roll of sticky tape, rubber eraser, calculator, large round plastic protractor (relic of someones schooldays), pencil sharpener and permanent marker to the box where they normally live
The golf balls and golf hat to the very large golf bag in the boot of a certain someones car
The teacloth in the wash basket and the glass bowl back in the cupboard
The metal tape measure back into its special place in then garage as well as the plastic plant id tag but where I can see it as I want to get that plant again - its for a fuschia I somehow managed to 'kill'
The cat flea comb back in the proper box wth other cat things
And sorted all the various bits of paper and either tossed or put them away where they should have gone in the first place

Phew now where was I - oh yes after I had done all that
I had a clear kitchen bench - sorry no picture.  It did look good at the time but I seem to have left a few bits and pieces there again already lol

Drop in and have a look - I don't often recommend other sites as I sometimes think my likes aren't the same as others but I'm sure if you go through pages at The Happiness Project you may find something of interest somewhere in there amongst the archives


  1. Hope you feel better soon!
    Have a great day!

  2. I enjoyed your write Cathy, I will pop over and give it a look.


  3. After I read your clutter post the other day, I went and cleaned off my kitchen bench, and it is still clear. Did you get your reply by email to comments working?

  4. Hope your feeling much better now Cathy. I've been on a declutter mission the last few weeks due to some family changes. Wow my mind is so much more organized when I have a tidy environment. Who would have thought it!!LOL

  5. I hope you are feeling better. Thanks for sharing the video link. I watched it. I think she had great suggestions!


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