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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Off and Running

Yes its begun again - its been happening every four years since 1930
World Cup Fever is alive and well - lots of history to be seen here

My Dad and my brother were/are great fans, one of my Irish cousins played for Manchester United in the 1970's, one of my nephews did a lot of training with Sheffield United and our eldest son is a huge fan of Ipswich (Town FC).  He was over 11 when we migrated to Australia from England so by then the soccer/football bug was well and truly entrenched into his mindset.

Must say Dh isn't as fanatical these days as he has been.  I clearly remember 1966 - we were living  in Singapore at the time - and their TV broadcasts were mainly in Chinese but we just 'had' to hire one so he could watch as many of that years world cup games as possible. 

Now he says he won't go out of his way to watch any of this years games but did turn the TV on this morning to catch up on the South Africa v Mexico game and this is only day 1 so I don't know what to expect over the next few weeks lol

I think my dislike of the game started when I was quite young - Dad did 'the pools' each week, putting a cross in some of the boxes and paying his money to the man who came round door to door on a Thursday.

A football pool, often collectively referred to as "the pools", is a betting pool based on predicting the outcome of top-level association football matches set to take place in the coming week

Come 5pm on a Saturday afternoon during the season the radio would go on and BBC Sports Report would start and then the Classified Football Results would be broadcast.

I can still remember hearing the man who read out those results going on and on - from League Division 1 all the way through the minor leagues and Scottish leagues as well.  Weird and wonderful team names, places you'd never heard of but if they had a football team of note the score from their game for that week got a mention.  

To make sure he heard all the results and was able to mark them off correctly in the chart printed in the paper and then check his pools to see if we were going to become millionaires Dad needed complete silence in the room - Ha Ha - not going to happen when Catherine is around lol

I even loathed the music that was played at the beginning and each Saturday when I heard it I promised myself I would not speak but failed miserably each time and boy, did my Dad have a temper. 

Football is a winter sport and winter in England can be cold and back in the 1950's we only had a coal fire in the living room of our house - bedrooms were not heated and I was sent to that freezing bedroom more times than I like to remember:(

Its only recently when some friends were talking about associating music with feelings that I thought about trying to locate that music on the Internet. 

Well it seems that the cause of all my worries it is a march called 'Out of the Blue' composed by Hubert Bath.

 "De dum, de dum, de dum, de dum, de diddly dum de dum". It's one of the most instantly recognisable theme tunes in all of British broadcasting, and a throwback to the traditional, bombastic style of BBC signature tunes that has somehow survived into the digital age.

The Sports Report introductory music is a march called "Out of the Blue" by the British composer Hubert Bath, played by the Central Band of the RAF. It was chosen by the programme's first producer, Angus Mackay, from the BBC record library. It was an instant hit with listeners, many of whom wrote in for the sheet music.

Sorry but I have to give you a link as I can't fathom out how to put you tube thingys in my blog.

Do click on the link and listen to Out of the Blue by Hubert Bath - now how could a lively march like that give me such bad feelings

I have no idea - but even hearing it again now makes me feel sick inside.


  1. Music and certain "smells" can take me to another place and time. My Grandpop was a cigar smoker. He had a little dog named Heidi. He always had heidi perched in one arm up near his shoulder and to me he looked like a giant of a man. When he would pick me up in his other arm I could always smell cigar and dog breath! Odd memory.....

  2. Cathy you have brought back many memoreis, I can well remember sat around on a Saturday evening listening to Sports report, my mother and grand father eagerly awaiting the scores to see if they won the pools.
    My youngest son who lives in Spain was/is football crazy eventually he turned pro playving for Bounemouth until he had is ankle smashed.......end of career but he still loves to watch. I bet he is in his elelment now the World Cup is on. My late husband used to coach a team of boys from the age ot 10yrs and saw them through until they were 16, so football was pretty much a thing in our household.
    Thanks for the memories.

  3. I remember my pop doing the weekly pools, don't think my dad did them. Dh is a big Carlisle United fan, and adores soccer (not football here in Canada). He will be watching as many England games as he can.

    Thanks for the memories.

    Gill in Canada

  4. My eldest son is a chelsea FC fan and is loving the world cup but he isn't getting much sleep :0).


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