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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Down the Port - Watery Wednesday

Some of you may remember back in April
we spent a long weekend in Adelaide

One afternoon we nipped down to the port
to see a naval ship that was in town 
and was open to the public
as part ot the Anzac Day celebrations

Walking back to the car we stopped to look back up the water
and watched as this whopping great ship passed by

Named CSL Thevenard
it is owned by Canadian-owned company CSL Australia,
cost $60 million to build and is the first new ship commissioned in Australia in 15 years.

Raw sugar to coal seems to be quite a range
but the info below explains all about the equipment needed
to load and unload

Sometimes we forget the 'big' ships that use our oceans 
Necessary for making trade and life possible
in different parts of the world

My parents would have said it was part of the Merchant Navy
'The Merchant Fleet of the country'
I'm not sure if that term is used in Australia
I've looked at various websites
and they all seem to be geared to war time information
Looks like I need to do more digging:))

Heres a few links concerning this rather large ship

to see more Watery Wednesday posts from around the world


  1. Sorry to hear you have not been so well, I do hope you are on the mend. Sending you some of our sunshine with this message.
    Take care
    Sarah x

  2. Great ship images! My husband, a Maritime Marine Engineer, worked on cargo ships for many years after being in the nave and before moving on to passenger ships.

  3. Oh my goodness...what a huge ship! When we have been in the Caribbean we were always delighted to see the huge ships on the horizon, making us stop and think about how big they really are and what they are doing!

  4. Lovely images. I especially enjoyed watching the impressive cloudscape.

  5. The ships do look very large :) How fast can they go?


  6. That is a really big boat. Shipping is still an important way of carrying cargo and doing trade.

  7. wow, that's huge! a town would fit into that ship.:p the clouds are fabulous in your photos.

  8. I can never tire of watching this spectacle around our city too. It's always so fascinating.

    My day's post is all about turtles. The release of 110+ baby turtles into the Gulf! With pictures galore. DIRECT LINK

    Have a super Wednesday.

  9. That's quite an awesome ship. I've never seen a cargo ship with its own — goodness, I have no idea what it's called — that pipe-like thing where the product goes through.

  10. I love seeing ships like these. They are just so cool to watch and explore. This is an amazing shot.


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