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Monday, June 7, 2010

Cold weather comfort knitting

A few people (on and off the net)
expressed an interest
in what I had been knitting
on those cold wet days
we had recently

Well, I had been set a challenge
a friendly one by a friend
who couldn't work it out for herself

We had been talking about scarves
and mentioned ones that we'd had many many years ago
They had a hole in and you popped one end of the scarf
through the hole to keep it in place
so it looked all neat and tidy
Great for wearing under a coat
not too bulky round your neck

So as usual I dobbed myself in
and told her I'd have a go at knitting one from memory
Now as we had remembered wearing them in the 1950s
I had to jog a lot of grey cells as it meant I was thinking a long way back lol

I used some spare balls of fluffy wool
left over from the scarf knitting venture
a few years ago
when they were all the rage

Heres what I came up with
BTW those pointy ends aren't as big and bulky
as they look like in the photo
and it feels really nice around my neck
rather like a neck warmer than a scarf 

This shows the hole I made
divided the stitches - used two balls of wool
the rejoined again on one needle

Its not a huge gap
I've opened the slit up for the photo

This is how it looks like if you were to just wear round your neck

Hardly noticeable

Of course after I'd done all the work
she rings and informs me
these kind of scarves have made a come back
and there are stacks of patterns on the internet lol

Oldest daughter saw it on Saturday morning
'Please Please knit me one Mum'

Here's her version 
she wanted it to be the same width
as the other one
so I used the same number of stitches
I love this wool as it knits up so quickly lol

Never mind about all those other patterns
Mine is an original
designed and made by Moi!!


  1. Clever you !!

    I LOVE them especially the cream one.

  2. there the best kind, the originals designed by us.
    Love that fluffy wool, feels so good, just like a warm cuddle

  3. Thanks for those comments - theres a sort of satisfaction when something falls into place the way this did

    Still Waters

  4. Very tidy scarf. I have never seen one with such short tails. They would work where your weather is not too severe. Here scarves are long with tails reaching at least to the waist. They are wound around the neck twice. They also can be pulled up over the head like a "hoodie", or worn across the face when it is bitter cold with a wind in Winter.
    The traditional Métis "costume" consisted of a long scarf like sash worn around the waist and hung down one side. I imagine in the Winter they were worn anyway to keep one warm.

    Your scarf might sell in Belgium. I noticed lots of people wore scarfs even when they just had a light jacket on. The scarf was worn loose around the neck with just one end flipped up and over the other at the neck. The weather can change quickly there, sunny and warm one moment and cloudy and cool as a breeze from the North Sea rolls in. One has to be flexible in what one wears this time of year.

  5. Hi Cathy I don't get your blogs come through the people I follow, but have had your comments. Perhaps I will have to check every couple of days if you have written anything.

    Thanks for the visit and lovely comment,
    I am still very much interested in being one of your followers.

    Take care.

  6. Very, very pretty! I've heard them called 'Keyhole' scarves. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wondered what you were knitting.

  7. I have seen those before and they are both comfy and warm. Well done.

    Gill in Canada


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