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Friday, June 18, 2010

Cold Cold day - Skywatch Friday

Wednesday morning - freezing outside
but such a bright sunrise

These first 2 were taken at about 7.30am
Someone told me that this is called a mackeral sky
and tells of nasty things to come

Actually the weather forecast was for low temps overnight
and a strong wind in the afternoon

Cold it was, there is snow in up in the ski fields
just over a 2 hour drive away

I found it hard to get the house warm so daft as it might seem
I sat reading with a blanket round me
even tho I had the heating on.

The wind did pick up after lunch
Maybe not as strong as was forecast for our area
but enough to be worrisome

At the same time I noticed this low cloud away to the north east

Still there at 1pm - under a very heavy grey sky

Even the poor sun was in the outer today
Here it is trying to shine through the cloud at 10am

Moved a bit in the sky at 1pm
but still hidden by the low cloud

The strong gale force winds hit the hills
just up the road from us during the night
We live in the foothills of the Dandenongs
and apart from a gust or two during the evening
didn't see much of them at all

Until Thursday lunchtime lol
Those winds came across the city with a vengeance
sheets of rain making driving hazardous
lightning added for dramatic effect
Sorry no pctures of that tho

What is the weather like at your house?
Do tell
To see more skies from around the world
You might even see some sunshine lol


  1. Amazing how skies can go from dramatic, colorful ones to gray and grumpy ones in a matter of hours! You've caught that transition perfectly, Cathy! Terrific photos! Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. An excellent post Cathy, and the pictures are great. My home? well it's a big house converted into 5 apartments, I live on the first floor, although it's a sunny room there is an atmosphere about the place. I think I wrote a poem about it.

    Take care.

  3. Beautiful series of sky shots. You have captured a gorgeous sunrise with the clouds and soft color. I have heard of a mackeral sky but didn't know what it looked like. So cold where you are; here in Ohio it is hot and muggy.

  4. Lovely sky shots. In the mid-west of the US it has been very hot and muggy -- heat index about 100. Seems so odd to be reading about "very cold weather" when we are so hot... If one worked it out right, one could move back and forth between US and Australia and have perpetual "fall" and "spring"

  5. Thanks Cathy for telling me about your move. It looks nice here and I will be back to read more. Lisa will have to turn the fawn over to someone who has license to keep wild animals. I know it will break her heart to let it go now. Yes, they had a marvelous time in Italy. I'm still in awe as some of the pictures she made. Have you been to Italy?

  6. Great collection of photos for sky watch Friday, the play of light across the clouds really catches their texture. Have a great weekend.

  7. Marvellous pictures. Amazing how quickly the sky can change.

  8. The skies look really awesome!! Amazing captures!!

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