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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rotten Internet

Have to be quick - this b......thing is likely to drop out anytime
Will be back when the ISP decide to give us what we pay for
That would be the knowledge we can go online any time of the day for as long as we like
Without being cut down in our tracks
Bye for now

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sunset at Waikiki - Skywatch Friday

Not the best of photos
But I hope you are able to see
the masses of people still on the beach
the evening these were taken

After a very warm day
it was a stunning sunset
the low light
making the beachgoers,
the surfers in the waters
the boards and the outriggers
look quite eerie in the shadow

you will need to click to enlarge and enjoy

For more skies from around the world

Thursday, June 24, 2010

One of my regular reads

Have to start by sayng thank you for all the wishes for a recovery from this beastly virus I seem to have picked up.  Three days into the 'wonder drug' and the coughing has almost subsided, the raised temperature has gone and vitality seems to have reappeared.  Today I pottered about in the sunshine in the garden, did some washing as well as a bit of cooking so all in all it was a good day.  Theres a promise of 16c/60f - almost like a Spring day tomorrow mind you its going down to 5c/41f overnight.  Lets hope I don't collapse in heap lol

After my recent discovery of clutter covered surfaces the other day - and not recently covered I must say lol
I laughed when I read this post on one of my 'favourite' blogs. 

I've been a fan of The Happiness Project for quite a while, not all of the posts are about housework although this months focus is on clutter, many are interviews,  theres a weekly tip day - there are loads of interesting articles on Gretchen Rubins site about The Happiness Challenge which isn't as nerdy as it sounds.  Some you might agree with - you may have your own thoughts about others.

Recently she has been doing weekly you tube videos which makes the posts a little lighter than just reading the written word and todays post was entitled Plagued by Clutter - Clear a surface.  How timely !!

Remember this recent post of mine - http://stillwaters-cathy.blogspot.com/2010/06/open-your-eyes-and-look-inside.html

So the other day after I moved :-
The shopping bag and Melways to the car
The bottle of Eucalyptus Oil, the jar of emu oil cream and the jar of Vaseline to the bathroom
The craft lamp, box of quilting pins and packet of sewing needles, the length of lace and the large cutting out scissors to the craft shelfi n the spare bedroom
The bird book and the novel to the bookshelf
The mobile phone and charger as well as the small transitor walking radio with the earphones into one of those baskets along the wall where they ususally live
The small bits of notepaper, large roll of sticky tape, rubber eraser, calculator, large round plastic protractor (relic of someones schooldays), pencil sharpener and permanent marker to the box where they normally live
The golf balls and golf hat to the very large golf bag in the boot of a certain someones car
The teacloth in the wash basket and the glass bowl back in the cupboard
The metal tape measure back into its special place in then garage as well as the plastic plant id tag but where I can see it as I want to get that plant again - its for a fuschia I somehow managed to 'kill'
The cat flea comb back in the proper box wth other cat things
And sorted all the various bits of paper and either tossed or put them away where they should have gone in the first place

Phew now where was I - oh yes after I had done all that
I had a clear kitchen bench - sorry no picture.  It did look good at the time but I seem to have left a few bits and pieces there again already lol

Drop in and have a look - I don't often recommend other sites as I sometimes think my likes aren't the same as others but I'm sure if you go through pages at The Happiness Project you may find something of interest somewhere in there amongst the archives

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Down the Port - Watery Wednesday

Some of you may remember back in April
we spent a long weekend in Adelaide

One afternoon we nipped down to the port
to see a naval ship that was in town 
and was open to the public
as part ot the Anzac Day celebrations

Walking back to the car we stopped to look back up the water
and watched as this whopping great ship passed by

Named CSL Thevenard
it is owned by Canadian-owned company CSL Australia,
cost $60 million to build and is the first new ship commissioned in Australia in 15 years.

Raw sugar to coal seems to be quite a range
but the info below explains all about the equipment needed
to load and unload

Sometimes we forget the 'big' ships that use our oceans 
Necessary for making trade and life possible
in different parts of the world

My parents would have said it was part of the Merchant Navy
'The Merchant Fleet of the country'
I'm not sure if that term is used in Australia
I've looked at various websites
and they all seem to be geared to war time information
Looks like I need to do more digging:))

Heres a few links concerning this rather large ship

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Change of scene

Trying to forget the Pity Party Post of earlier in the day

This is the way I was feeling 
you may have to click and enlarge to read the writing
Now I know what to think on those 'fat' days
This I'm sure is the thoughts of many felines
And this is how my darling man has been looking after me

Hope you liked them
Bye for now

We are on our way

Yes we are on the way down or should I say on the way up

Which ever way it is we have turned the corner

June 21st has been and gone meaning the Southern Hemisphere Winter Solstice arrived.
We had our shortest day and longest night and now like this woodchopper in Sydney I can look forward to a change.

Festivals and events have been happening all over the country
Some deep and meanngful others just plain fun

Hobart  Adelaide Cairns  Melbourne Sydney Canberra

For me it means that as the days go by they will gradually become longer and warmer and this big black whatever I'm carrying around will go away. 

Hopefully this rotten cough will go as well.  I finally gave in and went to see my GP yesterday morning. 

Now I rarely go to see him but had felt so crook over the wekend I just turned up (9am) when the doors opened on a chance, walked to the desk and Annette (the receptionist) just looked at me, nodded her head and pointed to a chair (she was on the phone). 

Even tho there were others waiting I was called in next and as I sat down and looked at the doctor I just said  "I don't feel very well"  (trying not to let the tears fall as I spoke) he stood up came round to look at me and (bless his heart) he said 'My dear you don't look very well either' 

I then began to wonder how awful I did look lol

Result of examination - some viral thing with no name - so no antibiotics unless it does turn into a chest infection but he did prescribe some Panafcortelone (a cortisone - prenisolone) to 'calm' the cough. 
I am not bothered about side effects some friends have told me about - it is working. 

After resting and dozing at times by the fire all the afternoon, I had an early night and best of all, slept most of the night for the first time in weeks without coughing and feel so much better now late this Tuesday afternoon.  The dose reduces over the next few days and it wont be a permanent medication . 

After the heavy fog lifted at lunchtime today and the fabulous sun came out I even felt bright enough to pop up to the local shops for a few bits and pieces.  Yes I'll take it easy but hopefully it's going to be great from here on in. 

Better be or I aint going to be happy lol

Monday, June 21, 2010

I wonder if these would qualify - Todays Flowers

We have had such wet weather over the past few weeks
these have been springing up all over the place
All of them are unknown to me

They may not be not as grand
or perfumed like a Rose
but they are just as stunning to me as the Rose 

Firstly some smaller ones found in my garden
Not sure if these are all the same and change a bit as they mature
or two different types with similar colours
click to enlarge

Look how fine this stem is

The underside of these is so gnarly
Looks like bark from a tree

Now this is something I 'found' in the local park
To begin with I thought it was something a dog had left behind :(
Then I saw a better specimen with a stalk 
and realised it was a fungi of sorts
But what is it?
I didn't have anything on me to measure it
but those leaves lying around are a fairly substantial size 
Then of course there are the little white button ones
Lots of them scattered all over the grass in the park
There were so many of them all over the place
but they didn't appear to be growing in a cirle
thus forming a fairy ring
Although its quite possible they did but were covered by all the leaves
Sadly I didn't get to see any faeires or elves
but did say a quiet hello to any little ones
who might have been hiding in the trees nearby  
after being disturbed by local school children lol 

Now if you click here
You will definitely seee fabulous flowers from around the worl

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Open your eyes and look inside

I mentioned the other day
that like these female Magpies I recently saw dining in my back garden 
I'd been out to lunch and engaged in some girly gossip

if you have to -  click on the photos to enlarge

I came home feeling so much better
ready to tackle anything put in front of me

Now, do you know what happens
when you sort of turn away from everything for a few weeks?

Some call it turning a blind eye
others call it being lazy

Well, I can tell you 
that 'this' is what happened in my house

Not exactly proud of what I saw
for what seemed the 'first time' yesterday
I can remember the last time I handled some of those things
and it was a lot earlier than yesterday lol

Using that kitchen bench to prepare things was becoming difficult
and no wonder I was finding it difficult to sleep
with all that 'stuff' on the chest of drawers in front of the bed.

Going to have to do something about finding the proper homes
for most of that 'stuff'
'cose just about all of it actually needs to live in our house 

Do any of you have 'dumping grounds
or don't you want to admit to it lol

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Knitted slippers - reposted

June 2010
I've had requests for this to be reposted
by 'friends' who are too lazy to trawl the archives
Yes you know who you are lol

peviously posted Oct. 2009

I had a request for the knitting instructions I use to make these slippers
I know they are available in lots of places on the web
- just google 'knitted slippers' and you'll come up with oodles of patterns -
Here I've supplied the instructions as given to me by a friend of mine

The first picture is a pair I've just finished
click on the pictures for a clearer view 
To give you an idea of the shape before sewing up
this is what they look like when the last row has been knitted

The instructions suggested using 8ply/dk yarn
(2 balls knitted together to give the thickness for warmth)
and uk size 8/4mm knitting needles
but I've also done them in very chunky handspun wool for men - adjusted  needle size and length

Start by casting on 3 stitches
Row 1 Knit
Row 2 Inc in 1st stitch, knit
Row 3 Knit
Row 4 Knit
Repeat rows 2 + 3 + 4 until 12 stitches
That forms the heel part

Cast on 11 at the beginning of the next row
Knit 11, P1, knit to last stitch, P1 turn
Cast on 11 stitches (34 stitches)

Now you are about to make the foot part - the sole
Row 1 Knit
Row 2 K11, P1, K10, P1, K11
Repeat rows 1 + 2, 17 times

This where you can lengthen if needed
- but remember they will stretch -

Then on to the toe area
Row 3 K2, (P1 K1) x 5, K11 (P1 K1) x 5, K1
Row 4 (K1 P1) x 6, K10, (P1 K1) x 6
Repeat rows 3 + 4, 8 times

Next row K2 together to end of row 17 stitches
Next row Purl
Next row K2 together to last stitch, K1 9 stitches

Break off yarn (leaving a rather long tail)  and draw through stitches.
Fasten off as tightly as you can - don't cut the yarn short as you will need it to sew up the front

Sew cast on sides to heel gusset. You may have to ease to fit

Sew ribbing up front to where garter stitching begins
turn right side out and hey presto - a nice snug slipper

Yes, they are very basic
For a special gift you could use a circular needle
Pick up all the way round the opening and knit a collar
Or put a pompom at the front opening
These are simple and easy to do
Just the way I like them

How to cheer yourself up

Take one cold wet week
well really, take a cold wet month
And yes we're talking about Melbourne which is having
a winter like we used to know 

Its been a bit of miserable month for me
I haven't enjoyed it at all
having the most awful sore throat - think razor blades
and a hacking cough
for a couple of weeks didn't help either

General dosing with fresh lemon and honey in hot water  
along with panadol and echinacea
and increasing the Fish Oil tablets we take
as well as using some cough mixture
seems to have done the trick

I don't seem to be able to find the old one called Medallion anymore
So we use one called Irish Moss
Tastes very similar to the other one - sort of an acquired taste
Camphor, Liquorice Extract and Menthol as well as Carrageenan
which seemingly is extracted from red seeweed
Not very expensive and is available at the supermarket
so suits my purse

The grandchildren are wary of mentioning a sore throat when they are here
'cose Grandma will make them take
that hot tasting black cough mixture lol

Anyway all is well now
but I really needed something to cheer me up
I'd sat around the house for long enough
and needed to get out and enjoy the day

So I went out to lunch today

Went to the Foyer Cafe in Wonga Park
which is actually a training cafe
for those taking TAFE Hospitality course

Now who did I go with that would guarantee me fun and laughter
Well this lovely bunch of ladies

My Red Hat Society Chapter 
all dressed for a cool day
After all it is Winter in Melbourne:))

Did the trick
I feel much better now
Came home giggling all the way down the road
remembering the funny things that had happened
and been said

We are definitely not going to age gracefully lol

Friday, June 18, 2010

Cold Cold day - Skywatch Friday

Wednesday morning - freezing outside
but such a bright sunrise

These first 2 were taken at about 7.30am
Someone told me that this is called a mackeral sky
and tells of nasty things to come

Actually the weather forecast was for low temps overnight
and a strong wind in the afternoon

Cold it was, there is snow in up in the ski fields
just over a 2 hour drive away

I found it hard to get the house warm so daft as it might seem
I sat reading with a blanket round me
even tho I had the heating on.

The wind did pick up after lunch
Maybe not as strong as was forecast for our area
but enough to be worrisome

At the same time I noticed this low cloud away to the north east

Still there at 1pm - under a very heavy grey sky

Even the poor sun was in the outer today
Here it is trying to shine through the cloud at 10am

Moved a bit in the sky at 1pm
but still hidden by the low cloud

The strong gale force winds hit the hills
just up the road from us during the night
We live in the foothills of the Dandenongs
and apart from a gust or two during the evening
didn't see much of them at all

Until Thursday lunchtime lol
Those winds came across the city with a vengeance
sheets of rain making driving hazardous
lightning added for dramatic effect
Sorry no pctures of that tho

What is the weather like at your house?
Do tell
To see more skies from around the world
You might even see some sunshine lol

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Folk Club Tuesday Night again

Second Tuesday of the month 
came round again
June 8th meant it was time
for an evening at the Folk Club
only this month there were no singing artists
just ones who love to speak in rhyme

Even though I revel in the sound of song and music
I have a great liking for the spoken word
So was really pleased with the this month's theme

Bush Poetry was the go and what a night it was
Most of the spot acts in the first half
made recitations of their own original works
or those of other well known Australian poets

Australian Bush Poetry is poetry with good Rhyme and Meter that is written:
(a) by an Australian; and / or,
(b) about Australia, Australian people, places, things and way of life.

In the very early times of our country
it was a way for those who weren't as literate as others
to tell a story in an understandable and imaginative way

It certainly was an art and is slowly making a comeback

Most of the Folk Festivals these days
would have sections for Bush Poetry
and there's stiff competition to get a gig at them
Also at the competitions that are springing up all over the country

Anyway there were several there last week
who are members of
and they were only to willing to take the floor

One chap by the name of Stephen Whiteside
who has had several books of poems published
and this year was the winner of First Prize
in the Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival Verse and Short Story competition (Humorous Section)
was a great hit with us all

He is a lover of C J Dennis and this poem in particular 

A Book for Kids

Once a little sugar ant made up his mind to roam-
To fare away far away, far away from home.
He had eaten all his breakfast, and he had his ma's consent
To see what he should chance to see and here's the way he went
Up and down a fern frond, round and round a stone,
Down a gloomy gully where he loathed to be alone,
Up a mighty mountain range, seven inches high,
Through the fearful forest grass that nearly hid the sky,
Out along a bracken bridge, bending in the moss,
Till he reached a dreadful desert that was feet and feet across.
'Twas a dry, deserted desert, and a trackless land to tread,
He wished that he was home again and tucked-up tight in bed.
His little legs were wobbly, his strength was nearly spent,
And so he turned around again and here's the way he went-
Back away from desert lands feet and feet across,
Back along the bracken bridge bending in the moss,
Through the fearful forest grass shutting out the sky,
Up a mighty mountain range seven inches high,
Down a gloomy gully, where he loathed to be alone,
Up and down a fern frond and round and round a stone.
A dreary ant, a weary ant, resolved no more to roam,
He staggered up the garden path and popped back home.

So he has set to
and produced another set of poems
One he read was entitled
 'The Internet Explorer Ant'
Had us all in stitches

The main act of the evening was
Keith McKenry

Well known for his love of poetry and ability to recite
also a desire to revive an interest in Austalia's Lost Folk Songs

A slightly crazy performance poet, Keith has been delighting festival audiences for over 25 years. In concert, he interweaves original verse with bush poetry, presenting an amalgam of history, humour, and social comment that defies stereotype

I like to sit at the back of the small hall
so I can see the artists face on but when we arrived
someone had taken our usual seats
which meant sitting down the front
but at the side

Couldn't get a decent photo all evening 
I think he forgot our side of the room

But to be truthful I was so engrossed in what he was saying
and trying to look over Bert's shoulder
I nearly forgot take the camera out of my bag lol

Lots of interesting links here for you to look at

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Water Wednesday

Winter in Melbourne this year has been cold wet and miserable
so given the chance where would I rather be??

Somewhere warm and near the beach of course:))

Like the last trip we did to Hawaii in 2006

click on photos to enlarge

Looks good doesn't it
Fills the bill - somewhere warm and near the beach
Love it every time we go!!

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