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Monday, May 31, 2010

Wonder Wonder Why

It was really fine and dry so I spent most of yesterday morning out in the front garden cutting back some Erigeron (Seaside Daisies) that were becoming a danger - almost covering a path and make it hard to walk comfortably when it was wet.

There was only a tiny part of the path visible and it was hard to see where the side edges of the path were and where the garden bed began.  I'd slipped/tripped on the edge of the concrete path more than once and didn't want to do with a bag of groceries or something similar in my hands.

Whilst the secateurs were clipping away clearing the path way my mind was working away as well. 


Wondering why I get so upset each time I see my Aunt in the nursing home.
I have Community Services and Health qualifications specialising in Aged Care so The Aging Process and Dementias were part of my course which means I'm fully aware of the deterioration thats going to take place in her mind and body as the disease progresses but when I turned up the other day and found her screaming at the carer I began to wonder exactly what was going on. 

The Podiatrist was attempting to cut her toenails and A Pam was quite sure that 'they were trying to cut her toes off'.  She spends more time in bed as they won't lift her if she is angry (OH&S policy) and flaying her arms aroound.  Unfortunately that is happening more and more frequently and to see her lying there muttering away to herself is quite disturbing especially when I remember what a capable lady she was not that many years ago. 

Wondering how Kiera will cope in the boarding cattery by herself when we are away for a couple of months. 
Its 2 weeks now since we said goodbye to Leroy and this is the first time in all her life she has been alone.  She came to us as a kitten leaving her litter mates behind, there was a houseful of other cats here Leroy included and as they slowly died or were rehomed Leroy was the one constant in her life.  She really isn't settled at all, looks up every now and again glancing around, constantly wants to be to be on my knee ot nursed, yet doesn't seem to mind going out to the garage in the evening at 'bedtime'. 

The cats have always slept in a different place to us, the garage is warm and dry, no cars garaged there so no petrol or oil fumes, they have food, water and litter trays out there as well as several beds complete with heating pads so are not cold or want for anything.   She does wander about and inspect every nook and cranny tho' before starting to eat her dinner; that being said I've had to pop back out a few times and she's been 'tucked up ' in bed so I'm not sure whats going on in her head.  I'll possibly look at getting another cat when we get home in October but till then she's on her own.

Two little things going round in my mind - yet two big worries that have me wondering about outcomes and solutions.


  1. Hard to shut down our thoughts at times. Much harder to watch someone you love fade away and become someone you don't recognize, too. The cat will be fine. They seem to be more resilient than dogs about most things.

  2. I seem to have missed where you are going, that you will be back in October. Hope it is a nice trip.
    We go to various Aged Care homes, and, as they are saying on the news lately, it seems to me many are medicated, they are so quiet and poker-faced.
    Hope Kiera will cope, is it a place that she can see the occupant of the next pen?
    Thanks for your visit to my post, and your welcome comment. Take care - Jan

  3. It must be very hard watching someone you know deteriorate like that. I think Kiera will cope, hopefully there will be the sight, sounds and smells of other felines there. Whenever we have returned from a holiday and picked up Cody from the cattery, the first two days he has been very "clingy" as if to say, I missed you, I'm not letting you out of my sight, and then he reverts back to his usual cat self.


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