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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Who's a clever girl then?

Does anyone remember these?

These are the scarves I've been plodding away at?
Hopefully they will be able to fly with me over to Canada later in the year
gifts for 'ladies' who live in the land of the white stuff lol

Then there is the Teddy I finally finished a while ago?
He spends all day long sitting together with some other friends
of similar furry persuasion  

Well - look at this
I put one of the scarves - the pink one on the top
and Teddy himself 
into our CWA group exhibition
and guess what:!

I got First Prize for each of them :))))


  1. Hi, Loved the scarves and the teddy was awesome, I hope you enjoy you visit to Canada later,


  2. Wow! congratulations 2 firsts and that teddy is just amazing.

  3. It's lovely to have all your hard work recognised like that. I was wondering what happened to the scarves.

  4. Congratulations,

    They are both beautiful examples of their craft.

    Kind Regards

  5. Oh Cathy, I'm in awe of your lovely Teddy. Well done. I know its not easy to make a Teddy as I have had the experience some years ago when my first grandson was born, I had the urge to make a Teddy for him. He is now 37 years old and still has it, albeit well patched on the ears and hands where he used to suck on it when he went to bed. It is the strangest Teddy you ever saw. It has movable legs and arms (discs inserted inside and joined by a pin) which have to be attached before the body is stuffed...well I put them on the wrong spot...and when Teddy was all stuffed and sewn up his legs were almost under his arms!!
    Didn't matter to him, he loved it. Thanks for bringing back a happy memory. (and a little giggle)

  6. Congratulations, both are lovely.
    ..........:-) Hugs

  7. Well done! Great work on both projects, I think your friends will really love your gifts.

  8. WOW!!!!!!!

    You are so good. I remember when I was in Canada in the 70s, my sis in law sending me a hand knitted scarf from New Zealand.

    It is getting very cold here. I am already using a pashmina

  9. Oh! I got a lump in my throat when I saw the awards.(I wear my heart on my sleeve and . . . you were talking about knitting, too!) Congratulations. Nice going. Lucky ladies in Canada to receive such beautiful gifts.

  10. Well done Kathy...the Scarfs & Teddy look great. Vi


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