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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Watery Wednesday

Looking at old photos taken in Canada
I came across this one

2004 we visited Calgary and had a day trip to Lake Louise

After Afternoon Tea at Chateau Lake Louise
and a walk along the terrace at the front of the hotel
we were confronted with this fabuous view

I could have stood there for hours

The lake with the Victoria Glacier in the background
is such a stunning sight

It was hard to move on when our friends said it was time to leave

Guess what!
We are going back to Calgary again this coming September
Guess where I want to go again
Guess what I want to see again  lol

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  1. I could hazard a guess and say Lake Louise. Would I be right?

  2. Lovely photo's Cathy, It's nice to see photo's of places one is hardly likely to go.

    Take care.

  3. I can see why you would want to go back. Good for you. Isn't it just lovely? I've never been there, but I can see from your photo that it looks specatular! I loved stopping by your sight - you get to Watery Wednesday long before my Tuesdays end!

  4. Great place. We're going there in August. Can't wait.

  5. Beautiful! And the glacia is magnificent too!

  6. An awesome view indeed, I feel very humble when faced with such views. Have a wonderful on your visit.

  7. What a great place to visit! Great captures.

  8. gorgeous photo!...must have been hard to leave:)

  9. Gorgeous photo Cathy but I don't think you could take a bad picture in Banff or Jasper. I have spent a lot of time in these places and I never tire of their beauty....Hugs

  10. Wow! this definitely is a gorgeous view.

  11. I can see why you love it. I would love to go there too. Most of the pics I have seen on Canadian blogs have been beautiful.

  12. Guess what? You have a great captured of the lake, beautiful scenery behind it...I can stay as long as i want if im there too.

  13. Not surprised you are going back there again, it looks absolutely beautiful.

  14. It looks lovely. A friend of mine is visiting this area of Canada towards the end of the year. I am just a tincy wincy bit jealous! x

  15. wondeful wiew and a good capture of it. Surely understand that you want to go back there!


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