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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ox Tongue Lily revisited

I wonder if anyone remembers a post I did
earlier in the year on my old blog 
about the Ox Tongue Lily
that lives at the bottom of our garden

Click here for that post

Its a strange bulb like plant that flowers bare
(see above)
The leaves come up a lot later
after the flowers have died down

Those photos were taken in March this year
and 'guess what'
as my G/children used to say

Fiddling around that end of the garden
the other day
(Fiddling around 'cose it was too cold to saunter around lol
this is what I found

A large plant pot with big leaves and no flowers to be seen

There they were
The large green 'tongue'shaped leaves growing out
close to the spot where the flower stalks appeared
just like the plant info says

Blood Lily - Haemanthus coccineus

The bright red flower heads of this gorgeous bulb emerge between February and April. They're an unusual bulb, because the flower emerges before the leaves and is bright red - hence the common name. The leaves are just as distinctive. This plant is also known as the Ox-tongue lily because the leaves are big and look just like an ox tongue. They certainly create drama and intrigue in the garden.

Nature is wonderful isn't it!

for more Flowers from around the world 


  1. That is an amazing, magical lily. Thanks for the introduction to this wonder.

  2. Thanks for sharing this amazing Lily. I totally agree nature is wonderful!

  3. Hi Cathy!! So this is where you are!! :-) Thanks for letting me know where you were and your kind thoughts for Maguire!!
    The lily is lovely!! You are so right Mother Nature is wonderful!! Enjoy your day!!

  4. Love the orange colors of the lily! My first time to see it.

  5. Oh isn't that fun! So unusual:-) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Never seen that one before. Looks very cool. Thanks for posting.

  7. Yes, nature is indeed wonderful! The Blood Lily is a very interesting flower! We have what's called "Naked Lady" flowers (pink) which also send up the flower first without leaves, and after the flower dies off, the leaves appear. They are also lilies.

  8. Wow, what a cool flower, great shots :)

  9. What a lovely surprise Cathy, thanks for sharing this fascinating plant with us.

  10. This is an amazing flower, red and gold, it is sort of very secretive as it comes and goes!
    I grow one but I have not seen it for a while as it is fairly in the shade and under Camellia bushes. You just gave me an idea to dig it out and plant it in a pot. The pictures are very beautiful.

  11. What an unusual plant.......now I want one!

  12. Very instersting plant..Very pretty bright blossoms.

  13. It's such a fascinating plant and your photos certainly show it off so well. Enjoyed this post.

  14. i have lots at home, they are stunning.....everyone wants one the leaves die after about 5 or so months.!!!!


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