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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Music Music Music

Oh how I love the  evening of the second Tuesday in the month 
- its Music Night -

Well, its music night at the folk club every Tuesday night
but we only manage to get there on the 2nd one of the month

What I call music night is actually the Guest Artist Night
When as well as the spot acts where anyone can get up
and show us what they can do
we have very special invited guests who also show us what they can do 

We were so lucky last night as on the bill was
Graeme Fletcher and his wonderful Auto Harp

The autoharp is a musical stringed instrument having a series of chord bars attached to dampers which, when depressed, mute all the strings other than those that form the desired chord. Despite its name, the autoharp is not a harp at all, but a chorded zither.

Graeme has been dubbed “Australia’s finest contemporary autoharp player” and has conducted autoharp workshops at the National FF, various Fiddlers’ Conventions and bluegrass and old time festivals. He has recorded with a number of eminent folk and country artists. His mission is to “make the autoharp recognised if not popular!”

Then a fun group called Fat Chance and the Bluegrass Playboys
a fun group whe played a whole range of lively toe tapping music

Only three of them there for us but such fun
Mm, I know I keep on saying fun
but thats what they were

Anyway top billing was Bill Jackson and the Acoustic Orchestra

Another folk festival favourite here and overseas
I hope they enjoyed our venue 
very small to say the least
so very different to the big gigs they are used to

A fine way to end the evening as they sang many of the songs
on their album Steel and Bone

Albury born and Gippsland reared singer/songwriter Bill Jackson has had a big year. His current release 'Steel & Bone' was awarded Folk Alliance Australia 'Radio Presenters Album of the Year' in 2008 and he was invited to tour the US alt country hotspots later that same year with his Acoustic Orchestra (Peter Fidler / Ruth Hazleton).

Maybe you'd like to listen to one of their songs
This is the first one they sang
at their first gig in USA
a couple of years ago

I like all sorts of music 
this is just one of the styles I enjoy
Very different to Dad's music
and very different to others I enjoy


  1. Sounds like a fun night and the pictures prove it.

    Take care.


  2. Hello Cathy,
    its now 3.46pm and the sun is shining! But its been sun then rain all day.
    Your night out looks fun, enjoy the rest of the week. Thanks for stopping in

  3. Gday Cathy, Looks like a lotta fun at your music nights..
    We had a low of 2c last night and 6.30 this morning Yarrawonga was only 3c.. Brrrr we got a high 17c highest in Victoria by the local news.. lol,,Brrr was cold getting on club bus to travel to Wodonga to play Pennant bowls...

  4. Hi Cathy! I had a double major in college - one was music, but one doesn't learn EVERYTHING. I enjoyed reading your post and seeing your photos. Sounds like a great night out!

  5. Hi... The bit in my blog about :Gang aft agley" is from the original language version of the Bobbie Burns poem about the mouse, which is translated various ways "The best laid schemes of mice and men
    Go often askew..."
    So interesting to read about music in Australia -- bluegrass!! That is the main music in this area. There will be a concert tonight in town at the old moving picture theater featuring "Lost River Bluegrass" and it will likely be SRO.

  6. Hi if you go to my post "A New Beginning" there's an award for you.
    I appreciate all the support you have given me,


  7. Hi Cathy
    This is one of my favourite types of music to. Geez you were busy doing all those Mr Linky's on that post!!


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