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Monday, May 10, 2010

Does music remind you of people

Or rather when you think of people
what sort of music do you think of

I did a post a while ago connecting flowers to people
so heres one about music and people

Remember I told you about my Irish Dad and his wonderful voice
Well, we grew up in a house full of music
we never knew when Dad would burst into song
or what would come out when he did

He could croon like Bing Crosby
and Mum would pretend to swoon
There'd be the fun Irish songs
and then some days
he's come out with something by
one of his favourite singers

Josef Locke was the stage name of Joseph McLaughlin (23 March 1917 – 15 October 1999), an Irish tenor singer who was successful in the United Kingdom and Ireland in the 1940s and 1950s.

An Irish tenor who lived a chequered life
he had a voice my Dad loved
He never saw him in person
but if his songs were played on the radio
Dad would have it up full blast

And even tho my name is Catherine
here is one Dad would sing just to me 

'I'll take you home again Katheen'

click on the link and listen to this fabulous voice 
I might come up with some more music another time


  1. I loved in N' Ireland for a few years and very often cross the border to the South.....which is a Republic not belonging to the UK. It is a beautiful place, the scenery out if this world and rhe people friendly, My favourite singers are Daniel O Donnell among other Irish singers,I can remember Joseff Locke from my childhood, he had a wonderful voice,
    Loved your blog just up my street.


  2. This post was touching! I loved that you wrote your Dad sang to your Mom. Music reminds me of my mother. Piano and guitar. When I was growing up, she would play and sing for us! Childhood brings back the warmest memories.

  3. Oh yes music reminds me of so many people and places......:-) Hugs


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