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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Content - mentally or emotionally satisfied with things as they are
Contentment is the experience of satisfaction and being at ease in one's situation
Contentment - happiness with one's situation in life
Contentment - accepting one's situation or life with equanimity and satisfaction

I gleaned these definitions from the web
'cose I wasn't too sure what contentment really meant

Someone asked me the other day how my Aunt was
I said "oh she seems contented in her own way'

Then my friend said
'Cathy, you tell me she gets lost trying to talk, she stays silent most of the time
or and this is not derogatory in any manner
just mutters lots of 'gobbledegook' (my friends words)
which none of you understand
so how do you know she is content'

That set me off thinking

She hasn't been agititated at all recently  
so I assumed she was content
but as she never says anything intelligible
how do I know if she is happy or satisfied with the way things are?

Alzheimers is a bugger of a disease!!!

Can you just see the contentment oozing out of my Kiera
as she enjoys the early morning sunshine
we had here Monday morning

Don't know if contentment oozes out of people
but to me she really does have a contented look on her face

Look at the way
she's almost breathing in the warmth
as far as I'm concerned
Cats and sunshine go together
They are made for each other

to really enjoy them you need to click on the photos 

I am beginning to think
(not for the first time either)
that in a former life I may have been a cat

'Cose Catherine and and a love of sunshine
go together as well lol


  1. My husband has a form of dementia and I am not looking forward to the future as he gets worse, at the moment it is not too bad. The worst thing is he has had it since he was 40...so young.
    Your cat does look so content :0)

  2. You are right-- Alzheimers is a terrible disease! I've had several friends whose parents have had it, and it really is what is said to be a "long goodbye..."

    I'd forgotten how lovely Kiera is!!! Do you have 2 cats?? Cats were and will always be my first love!

  3. Kiera does look so very contented, I can see in one of the pictures that she is kneading the air, she just feels so blissful.

  4. Loved the pictures, contentment is a wonderful feeling, One has to have found inner peace with one's self.


  5. Whenever the sun is shining I will look out on my deck and sure enough there can be as many as 5 cats out there lying in the sun. i have no idea whose they are but they don't hurt anything and when I open my garden door they run away. I agree cats and sunshine just go together......:-) Hugs

  6. Stress is causing me to be less than content. Is it uncontent, ni, it is discontent. Maybe if I disconnect I won't be discontent.......

    Sorry, my mind works in strange ways....


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